Good pediatrician in mothi Nagar Hyderabad

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08081984 2016-09-06 08:31:19


Hi Friends, My baby is of 5 years is suffering from fever and stomach pain.yesterday I went to Leela hospital and consulted with doctor Madhu to.She said my baby is de hydrated and gave medicine.With in 2 days if the fever is not under control then she said I need to admit my baby.could you please suggest good pediatricians in Mothi Nagar.Thanks. Regards, Farook Ph : 9916542464

lalitadainik 2017-05-26 20:24:12


I had read that Rainbow Hospitals is the topmost children's hospital in India, so took my baby there. They have comprehensive pediatric facilities. The doctor was very experienced and put me at ease because I was very nervous with my baby being so unwell. They answered all my questions and provided prompt treatment. My baby is healthy and doing well now.



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