swallow instead of chewing...............:-(

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madhumai 2016-09-01 12:52:24


Hi all,
My child has a habit of swallowing food instead of chewing. Now she is 6yrs old and in 1st standard but till now she don't chew the food. Of course she did not eat any curries like vegetables/non-veg. Only liquids with food like pulses and rasam. 
I have to mix the rice first using dal/rasam make it as paste then only she will swallow the food. If I ask her not to swallow and chew the food, she will always refuses and forcefully if I do, she will vomit the food....I need guidance / tips on how to solve this problem....

 Former member 2018-03-21 21:03:49


Hi am facing same problem like this with my lo.. can u give me any suggestion or improvement for this


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