4.5 years old son taking Montair LC kid every day

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deep23 2023-09-08 08:37:59


Hi, Needed you help dear.. Can you please share with the contact details of the homeopathy Dr. you were talking about in your post. My daughter she is 6 years old has seasonal allergy, thats what dr. Says.. she is on uv nasal spray and montair lc . It's been a year now. Even now when I miss giving her montair lc for a day, she coughs endlessly and ends up vomiting. We reside in Bangalore. Almost every kid here is coughing these days... Need your help with the dr. Eagerly awaiting for your response. Regards, Deep

Navyavi 2023-09-14 21:49:51


Hello Everyone, My daughter also had some skin issues and then chronic cough owing to allergy. I have tried ayurvedic options and they are super helpful. It's just that they will take time and we need to be patient. The allopathic ones can provide immediate relief but then in the longer term , it does bad. You can try sitopladhi, Vasavaleha, Swasari syrup. Just be patient may be a month or so and do it under a guidance of a qualified doctors. I take help from Planet ayurveda and sometime patanjali. It's really wonderful. Thanks,

deep23 2023-09-14 23:10:31


Ohh ... thank you so much... I will surely try this


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