4.5 years old son taking Montair LC kid every day

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1400 2018-09-24 12:10:51


Hi Jyotomohanty, Is DR. Niva a good one? Does she treat these type of diseases?

Ankapriya1 2019-02-01 10:11:40


Hi all, Same problem is with my daughter, she is in montair lc kid syrup since 1 month. Could some one please share the details of the homeopathic Doctor. It would be a great help. My best is with all of u . May God gives all the happiness and good health. My email id is priyankakmr21@gmail.com Thanks Priyanka

Raj2808 2019-03-31 11:08:45


Hi shamanju, happy to know that your son is free from asthma and mainly free from allopathy. Can u please share the number or address of your homeopathic doctor so that we can also contact him as my 4yr son is also facing the same issue and is on montair lc from 1 year. My emai id is drraj.shashi@gmail.com pls do send me the contact of your doctor

leena1w 2019-07-16 20:01:47


Please message me on leena.kakani@gmail.com

leena1w 2019-07-16 20:02:15


Message me on leena.kakani@gmail.com

Mom2612 2019-09-16 19:53:12


My daughter is also on Montair LC Kid for past 8 months. She is almost always having running nose and I am worried about this. Can someone please respond with doctor details. I am from Hyderabad.

bhavya1 2019-10-17 14:25:38


Try natural remedies Avoid sugar, use jaggary(bellam) If possible try Bellamy mixed with adrak (allam) Or prepare a concentrated syrup of allan every day Feed 1 spoon morning and evening

Divya4891 2019-10-31 16:06:55


Hi Shamanju, I live in Gurgaon & my daughter is 3 yrs old & has cough & cold so often. She ia currently on homeopathic medicine but the medication does not seem to be working. Kindly share details of your homeopathic doctor.

gaurav1989 2019-11-01 07:08:48


Recently I am also facing the same issue as u all mentioned with my 4 year old son. And I have consulted 4 doctors as it is persisting for almost 2 months now. We had taken x-rays, blood test but it shows normal report. Onr of the doctor has suggested levolin and budecort inhaler. I am afraid of giving it to him cause the only problem I see in him is frequent coughing that too occasional. Like every 2-3rd day...when mucus is build in him he coughs for like 1-2 hrs till he vomits and then slowly coughing stops. So far I haven't seen him having any breathing issue......he only tries to clear his throat by inhaling exhaling through mouth and coughing...we are avoiding any oiled , cold , outside food, sweets daily only chapathi and daal fruits also avoiding apple as when we got him admitted for a week in a hospital they said milk help in building mucus and apple also holds the throat so sense of itchiness better avoid. After lots of consultation medication I am feeling helpless for my son as all doc prescribed almost same medication one way or another but my son's coughing is not improving.... Please help if anyone here has benefitted from someone some medication

PoojaNirmal 2019-11-20 12:37:05


Hi, Can someone please share the details of the homeopathic doctor in hyderabad? Instead of sharing our email id on this public forum it would be better if someone can post the info regarding homeopathic doctor here. Regards, Pooja

vij65 2019-11-29 23:39:59


Can you pls share homeopathy doctor information to me. I am living in HYD. Thanks

17061982 2020-01-08 04:37:58


Hws ur son now

prakskarry 2020-01-08 08:14:03


All in Hyderabad , this is the homeopathic doctors address.
Bhagyalaxmi homeoBelow KS  BakersMiyapur Hyderabad
Its first come first server basis so will take good time.

Meena109 2020-01-14 21:08:53


Hi my son also facing the issue. How is your kid now.. I am currently taking homeopathy without much improvement

RajaMohd 2020-01-28 20:10:02


My 12 yrs old Son is also facing the same problem and currently taking tablets and in haler every day. Please share your doctor's details with me.

My email address is raja.mohammeddd@outlook.com.



Sameer1231 2020-03-01 16:11:53


Could you please suggest any best homeopathic doctor in Delhi or ghaziabad. My 6 year old son is on Montair LC 4 mg tablet from last one year. Please help me.

Gautam7 2020-05-07 18:33:21



I have gone through the discussion, It would be great help if you can help me suggesting the homeopathic medicine or doctor's detail so that i can have discussion. gautam7gautam@gmail.com.

Thanks i advance. 

123bhavi 2020-05-07 21:50:34


insted of using medication try increasing the resistance of the child

1 by feeding lot of citrus fruits 
2 add suppliments like  nordic naturals  codliver oil + inulin prebiotic powder
3 zincovit syrup to top up the vitamins
4 replace suger with palm jaggary
5 avoid all packed food and choclates cacakes untill the resistance is build



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