4.5 years old son taking Montair LC kid every day

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namrata2016 2016-06-01 19:01:30


My son is 4.5 years old. He is on Montair LC kid tablet on every day basis since 6 months.  He used to catch viral infections frequently which resulted in him having wheezing , cold and cough.
Now he is having bad coughing if not given Montair LC kid tablet. We can not even skip a single day with out tablet. I consulted pediatric and he said this problem usually get better with age of 5-8 years if we don't have any family history of such problem. Fortunately, we don't have.
But still I'm really worried how long this is going to be? Is it a beginning of Asthma?Requesting if any one experienced such a difficult situation , please share  ..do this montair LC kid if started give strong side effects or is it completely able to cure  or just Preventive?

Lina12e 2016-06-01 22:44:52


Try alternative medicine homeopathy hlp my child. Avoid perfumes cold n sweet food.vouch on stools and bowel moments .use aroma pots with nilgiri oil it hlps a lot.

Joeysmom 2016-06-02 11:21:36


Hi namrata, Why don't you take a second opinion from another pediatrician? Or a good gp? I would also recommend homeopathy. It helps in cold cough related ailments, without side effects. Could you try giving him turmeric and ginger infused boiled milk everyday? There is a vaccine against flu symptoms, it is called vaxigrip. Please check if this is suited for your child. My child's viral fevers have reduced considerably post this vaccine.

shamanju 2016-06-03 09:06:14


Hi , My son had been on montair at one point. However,we switched to homeopathy and he didn't have to take it for the past 2 years. My son is asthmatic and he used to get wheezing etc despite montair. He needed nebulizer etc. We fortunately found a good Homeo doctor who does it out of passion. We give him Homeo medicine only when he develops asthma but, not on a daily basis. His still develops asthma but, the frequency has reduced. I haven't given him English medicine in the past 2 years. Hope this helps.

Lina12e 2016-06-03 10:12:24


Hi shamanju cn u please let me know if u hvae medicine name bcse I m on daily homeopathic treatment n always scared fircflaredup.sometimes evn if she is well I m worried n depressed. Please suggest medicine name wat u gve incade of flare up

namrata2016 2016-06-03 12:36:07


Hi Shamanju,

Thanks for sharing this information. At what age you find him developing asthma symptoms? Can you tell me the homeopathy medicine name? I'm looking forward for homeopathy now. Currently my son is suffering with bad coughing everyday. He is taking Montair since 6 months every day. Where are you currently put up? I'm in Gurgaon.  How old is your son now? Please reply. 


shamanju 2016-06-04 09:04:40


Hi namrata, lina My son is 12 years now. We used to live in USA and moved to Hyderabad about 3 years ago. To begin with my son has food allergies. When he is about six years I think he started developing wheezing etc. When we are in USA, we were on preventive nebulizer during winter months. Once we moved to Hyderabad, doctor gave us montair 5. When wheezing etc do happen, we used to give him levolin, Duolin, budenosol etc. Homeo medicine works very differently from English medicine. medicine that works for my child will not be the same medicine for your child. The doctor will have a consultation where he observes and understands the child and gives the medicine accordingly. My homeo doctor is a very traditional type that practices this out of passion. He gives medicine only when the child is sick. He strictly prohibits us from using any kind of English medicine when his treatment is going on. It's been 2 years. He packs the medicine and doesn't give the name. This is just to prevent us from buying it and taking without consulting him. Taking unnecessary doses of homeo has consequences. So, a good Homeo doctor tries to prevent that. Hope I gave enough information. If you do want to talk to my homeo doctor, please let me know. Thanks, Manjusha

leena1w 2016-06-04 10:10:40


Please share details of docyormy ID is Leena.kakani@gmail. Com

namrata2016 2016-06-06 13:36:51


Hi Manjusha, 
Thanks a lot for all the information.

I surely want to connect to your doctor. Please let me know how is it possible? Can we connect with him over phone or via email ?
Please let me know. My Email id is namratasingh.mca@gmail.com. You can share the details on my email id. 
Once again thanks a lot.  

Jerry85 2016-12-06 00:12:17


Hello Namrata, My kid was also on Montair syrup n tabs fr few mnths..n den had to give him puffs....but once d course was over, my kid s better nw. Evn my doc said it will go off by 5 years..n i am strting to believe tat. D major thing s to find wat s causing d wheeze in him...it cud b simple things like...mosquito coils n gudnite...avoidin citrus fruits n pomegranates..dust..flowers..animls..etc

Supriyag 2017-06-20 13:32:02


Hi shamanju,
Glad to know that homeo medicine has worked well for ur son,
Even my don is having wheezing pronlems now im giving montair 4 and budecort 1 puff on slternate day basis but i dont want to depend on this dnglish medicine so could you please share thst homeo doctor details it will be verymuch useful for us,


Supriyag 2017-06-20 13:34:05


Hi shamanju,
Glad to know that homeo medicine has worked well for ur son,
Even my son is having wheezing problems ,now im giving him montair 4 and budecort 1 puff on alternate day basis but i dont want to depend on this english medicine so could you please share homeo doctor details it will be verymuch useful for us.


S123a 2017-08-31 23:59:29


Hi I am a mother when my son is 2 year old then we face his Kashi and cold problem... Doctor not said anything about it... When weather change his Kashi and cold problem start... Does it is connect with asthma plz somebody advise me... Now doctor prescribed me MOntair Lc tablet and Ambrodil syrup....

Jerry85 2017-09-01 11:37:30


My son had d same problem..bt nw he turned 5..and its been 8 months of no wheezing.Ÿ˜Š He was on montair wen rains strt...it s a prevention method...try to avoid dust, pets..etc Dont worry...if u cn control it and u hv no family history of asthma..dis wil go by itself by 5 years...tats wen their lungs and air passages develop fully....if it doesnt get stopped by dese and d frequency of occurance s high..doc mite prescribe u inhalers..tat will help him

neha1983 2017-11-09 22:05:05


Hello dear my daughter is also having the same problem.we also live in Hyderabad.can you plz send me the address of your homeopathic doctor.my email I'd is this nehavohra23@gmail.com Thanks in advance

neha1983 2017-11-09 22:06:19


Hello dear manjusha, my daughter is also having the same problem.we also live in Hyderabad.can you plz send me the address of your homeopathic doctor.my email I'd is this nehavohra23@gmail.com Thanks in advance


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