pre-puberty symptoms in 7 years old girl

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vedimom 2016-03-02 11:43:29




I have 7 years old autistic girl.she is now turning 8.but she has pre-puberity symptoms at the age of 6.5 years. 

We stay in Singapore.When we came to India in last December,we done some blood test and X-ray of left hand  for my daughter.

All the Blood test are normal. But her  bone age is like 10 years old girl.

is bone age(x-ray) will tell pre-puberty symptoms?
Is any blood test will pre-puberty symptoms......

She has only chest...,no other symptoms like dischare,hair in the arm pit..

Can we take it as pre-puberty symptoms....or not...

Doctor in India done some blood test and said it's not pre-puberty symptoms ......
But doctor in Singapore saying it is pre-puberty symptoms

by weight,height,chest,bmi calculations.....

my daughter just completing 7 and entering into 8......

my daughter age is 8 running
weight is 30 kg
height is 129 cm

Is anybody facing this problem...?
please can u provide some information.
vedi mom


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