Bananas good for constipation OR bad for constipation?

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mango_mama 2008-10-21 07:20:27



I am confused about bananas and constipation. You know everyone now and then kids get a little constipated especially when they travel. I get  a very mixed opinions on whether bananas help constipation or not.

In the U.S. (we were there for the very early years of my kids), when my daughter would get constipation, our paediatrician and other books, websites would say to avoid bananas and go for other fruits with p's in them--plums, peaches, prunes, apricots etc.

But in India from my grandmother, friends to the Pediatrician say bananas are very good for consti. Any ideas??? Also, are there any special bananas that are bad or good for consti? Any light anyone can shed?

Of course other tips for helping kids stay regular are also welcome. Thanks,



shan 2008-10-21 15:08:52


Banana contains loads of goodness..ranging from being a good source of carbohydrates,protein , vit A,B complex,C, Calcium,irom magnesium, potassium,Zinc and Iron.It has a laxative property and is VERY useful in Constipation.For children who want to add some weight, this is the best, cost affective food, available  all through out the year.All varieties are beneficial.however kids who have recurrent cold,cough,  Bronchitis,Asthma,and who are obese better avoid this. likewise eating this fruit with curds at night is harmful as it is heavy and difficult to digest.


bijal 2009-08-19 14:35:03


Banana's r really good for constipation, i give it to my son every sigle day, and he's hardly ever had constipation probs.

The way i give my 2 yr old is, cut 2-3 banana's in small pieces and soak them in hot milk for abt 10 mins, and then make a thickshake and serve it to him..

He loves it, and also gets all requiered calcium and other vitamins from both milk and banana at the same time. so no fuss over milk either, this usually makes up for a quite heavy breakfast for younger kids..

try it shudnt hurt.

Ofcourse as said above by shan, try not to give it during bouts of cold or cough. may aggravate it.



 Former member 2009-08-19 14:55:44


Hi mango_mama, banana's are good for constipation, as Shan and Bijal rightly said!!

I am giving it to my kid 3-4 times in a week. When kids have cough and cold, normally it is said that do not give banana, but my doc told me that give banana with honey even when they have cold.

I have experienced it myself. After my delivery doc suggested me to have banana every day before going to sleep to avoid constipation.

But for sure you will find different opinions about banana.



UmaNaren 2009-08-29 00:34:55



Not all the bananas are good for constipation! In fact my Siddha Physician had asked me to avoid a few species! Coz they actually induce constipation!

I wouldn't agree mixing up Banana or any fruit with Milk or Curd. Fruits are best when eaten before any meal or first thing in the morning. So, for me, fruit smoothies and shakes are an absolute NO NO!

I'll keep you posted on those banana species that are good for constipation.

Berries, Prunes and Apricot are indeed good for constipation.


 Former member 2009-08-31 11:47:12


Hi Umanaren, fully agree with you about fruits with milk. Even i don't take fruits with milk. If you really want to eat them together, then eat immeditaly as you mix them.



JC 2009-10-30 08:16:34


 Hi Mango_Mama,

I had that question few year ago, Banana is one of the binding foods. Which means it causes constipation. Here is some more info. also at the following site:


Bananas and upset stomach Guide

A.D.A.M.Doctor-reviewed article from RightHealth and A.D.A.M.

  • « Full Article
  • Alternative Names
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Alternative Names




Bananas are part of the BRAT diet, a diet many physicians and nurses recommend for children recovering from gastrointestinal problems, particularly diarrhea. BRAT stands for the different components that make up the diet:

  • Bananas
  • Rice cereal
  • Applesauce
  • Toast

These are binding foods that make the stools harder.

When you are actively vomiting, however, bananas and other solid foods are generally not recommended. Stick to clear liquids at that time. Once you or your child is ready to start eating solid foods again, it is best to start with bland foods. Bananas are considered to be a bland food, as are:

  • Clear soups
  • Dry toast
  • Gelatin

Bananas are also high in potassium, an electrolyte that may be lost due to vomiting and diarrhea.





Sumo 2009-10-30 09:21:24


Hi Gita,

Elaki, that you get in Bangalore, is good to give in all seasons including winter and does have some laxative properties.  Kids liks its taste, and in my personal experience, is not very heavy to digest.  Ofcourse, all fruits (and uncooked food ) are best avoided during bouts of cold.  Elaki looks small compared to other varieties and very indigenous to bangalore (and may be some other parts of karnataka).  I usually pick them little raw before starting on any long (car) travel and let them ripe naturally before giving it to kids. 

I also believe that eating the raw fruit is better, instead of juices and shakes, esp when you want to get is fibre content.    Ofcouse, once in a while, for a change, we could make sorbets and shakes.

Luke warm water with honey, taken first thing in the morning, is good as a laxative.  It is good even for adults. 

Another thing I have realized over the years is that kids generally eat slightly more junk food while travelling ; and on vegetables side, atleast my kids used to stick to potatoes as other veggies are all too spicy; this starchy junk diet plus the strain of travel results in constipation.  I try to avoid potatoes now (dont mind if they miss veggies for a couple of days), insist on them eating some raw fruits every day and give them lot of time in the potty to clear the stomach.




apar_sai 2009-10-30 09:31:09


Hi Gita,

My vote goes for the banana :) !

We are tropical born and bred (for the past 100s of centuries). I'm sure we know more than the westerners(!) about banana/coconuts/mangoes/neem/beetel etc. (true - we can learn from them about apples/apricots/prunes).

Try giving your child 3 bananas at a stretch and see if she don't need the toilet within 3 hours :-D.

When my child swallows anything bad - marbles/plastic-beads - the doc advises a lot of bananas to help him push it out.

All the best!!



NJ 2009-10-30 09:55:52


At my hometown the old folks advice to take matti banana for constipation. The problem is that you may not find this in other places except some parts of Tamilnadu and Kerala. Yellakki is more common, but I do not know for sure if it helps with constipation. But my kid mostly does not have a problem with constipation


BakulN 2009-10-30 11:13:13



Bananas are definately good! I write from experience. Having said that, Prunes, Papaya are also good. My daughter suffered a lot earlier. Bananas helped.

Regular intake of orange and sweet lime juice also helps.



Gigini 2011-12-04 14:27:36


Hi Parents,

        Thanks for All your information on Banana...  

      I gave egg and idly in the morning, vomitted. Then I gave Apple juice for some liquid intake, caused diarrhea after 10 minutes.  Then i gave plain water about 100 ml. Later he got  fever even.  So.. I gave a plain rice as kanji (mixed with more water and salt). He is just sleeping now after having it. 

                So can u suggest good food.  



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