Wheezing- Precautions

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bujju2010 2015-06-16 09:33:24


Rainy/winter season is approaching in bangalore. I would like to know the precautions for preventing common cold, cough and wheezing, especially on the food items to be avoided strictly during this season.
I have started cutting down curd, citrus fruits from my kid s menu. Also decided to stay indoors after 7 pm. 
Any ideas/precautions taken in ur home, pls share it for benefit of all.

pragyaj 2015-06-19 10:12:14


If you are allergic to dust, it would become worse in the rainy season given the chilly weather. Wash bed linen once a week and avoid cold food. Also, I would recommend that you try breathing exercises and pranayama. If you wash your hair, dry it quickly and maintain a clean and well ventilated living and bedroom space. These have helped me with my allergic rhinits. Good Luck!


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