Increased CRP level and Inhaler

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I am a regular reader of this site and find it very useful. My daughter who is 3.10 years old is on inhaler for last one year . She was on Flohale for the 1st 6 months and then as it went out of market she is on Seroflow 50 now( both based on doctor's opinion).
Although the coughing has come down last 5 months, she had to be put into 4 times antibiotics( very strong)dose , each time 7 -10 days duration since past 5 months, as directly she gets high fever and it does not go with out antibiotics.
Recently we have consulted with another pediatrician who asked us to do  a blood test named CRP( C reactive Protein in blood). Her level is 54 Unit where as it should be with in 6 unit for kids. He suggested that using of steroid inhaler sometimes causes such local infection.
Please share if anyone has similar experience.


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