dry skin and constipation

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aanchal 2009-03-11 21:39:12



i have a 1.6 years old son. he has two problems, constipation and excessive dry skin, ever since he was born.

i have tried (and keep trying) home-based stuff (like guava, raisins, almond oil in milk, for constipation and cream every 2 hours for dry skin), homeopathy and allopathy, but there is not much result.

doc says we cannot keep on giving him allopathy, so for regular basis he has to take alternative medicines. but my son is not respoding to any treatment given.

his skin is excessively dry and tends to tan and wrinkle on slightest exposure to sun. he is so constipated that he has to strain a lot to pass his motions.

please suggest something.

mama mia 2009-03-11 22:26:33


My son had similar problems from birth and have gone through lot of pain.

You could try few things. I am sure this will give him some relief

1. Give plenty of water. dry skin and constipation are directly linked to water intake

2. Give raw carrot to eat everyday. Kids like to much on raw carrot sticks

3. Give tomato juice in the night.

4. Moisture skin soon after bath. Use vaseline or cetaphil moisturising lotion. It is very good.  Do not use soap, instead use cetaphil cleansing lotion for bath.

5. Also try using Caladryl lotion when the skin is itchy or just before going in the sun.

6. Avoid eating sugary food. Limit their intake.

Hope this helps.




mango_mama 2009-03-11 22:39:20


Constipation is not about frequency as much but about being able to pass a bowel movement (BM) with ease. If he finds it uncomfortable or painful to pass BM, then he is constipated.

From personal experience with our daughter...

It is important that he cleans his stomach regularly--otherwise it will build up and he will have probs passing BM and then it will be painful and uncomfortable and he will associate BM with discomfort and the vicious cycle will continue. It is common for preschoolers or toddlers to withhold stools. In fact do an internet search on preschooler or toddler withholding stools and you might find a lot as well. It can become psychlogical as well as they start associating BM with pain.

Lots of water and fluids--take them, keep them everywhere. tomatoes are good from my personal experience. My daughter had the worst constipation until she was 5-6 and then she magically outgrew! Once she did not go for 7-8 days when 3. Boy have we suffered!

So important that every 2/3 days he has BM. We were in the U.S. till she was 4 and the doc there had given us Miralax to be given everyday to help her stay regular and not clog. Very good medicine. But expensive. When we came to Bangalore, our doc said Duphalac or something daily and then every 2 days if no BM. Please check with your doc.

Our doc in the U.S. also said that just giving lots of roughage is not enough because then it will keep building up. A combination of fiber/roughage, lots of fluids and regular cleansing. Our daughter does drink less water.

Other things that are good (you might already know) are fruits with P in them--prune, pear, apricot, peach...Not sure about bananas. In the U.S., they say avoid bananas and here they say good for consti. Ask your doc. But if u do give bananas, then make sure are pretty ripe. Try prune juice--half a cup after dinner--Namdharis has it.

I think at that age since they are quirky fussy eaters, they do tend to get consti. So just keep up the fluids and the fiber and if in 2/3 days it builds up, do not hesitate to give something allopathic as well as recommended by your doc.

g luck!



aanchal 2009-03-12 14:01:49


thank u both for sharing yr experiences..



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