Chronic Persistent wheeze on frequent recurrence

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huntkhushi 2013-10-16 13:36:44


Hi Parents ,
Need some help.
My daughter age 3.6yrs could not attend school due to frequently catching viral which resulted in her having wheezing , cold and cough .I consulted pediatric n he said that its viral related asthma and prescribed levolin inhaler.  It seems her immunity is low , hence more sensitive .I have seen after Nebulisation , my baby used to become hyper active with heat flushes and dry throat.

Since this has been happening frequently specially in range of June -Oct month, since past 2yrs. Inhaler and sometimes Duolin neb is what I have been using .  I took her for second consultation to a senior pediatrician . He has prescribed following medicines:
1. FloHale  125 inhaler  -1mnth
2.Montair LC kid tablet -1mnth
3. Kiddicare syrup - 3mnth
4.Immomod Syrup. -3mnth

Requesting if any one experienced such a difficult situation , please share these medications if started give strong side effects or is it completely able to cure  or just Preventive ..wherein the course of medication may need to be repeated .


rad1234 2013-11-12 14:02:22


Would you be open to trying alternative medicine therapy ?  In that case , do try homeopathy . U need to find a good hemeopath who does allopathy and homeopathy as the child cannot simply be lifted off allopathy and just put on homeopathy.
My child has similar issues  for 1 1/2 years. Homeopathy is having a great effect and is doing much better now. Our doctor praxctises both forms of medicine it worked for us.

huntkhushi 2013-11-12 16:44:09


Thank you rad1234 ,

Yes am open to trying  Homoeopathy or ayurveda . But since the current doc is allopathic,  am thinking to take hi advice if parallel can be followed as in your case.
Hoping our little ones come out of it soon completely .. :)


kinzang 2014-01-11 15:07:07


hi rad1234,
                 which doc do u consult?actually i've never heard any doc practising both allopathy as well as homeo.

meenasriram 2014-01-13 14:05:45


hello friends,

sorry for interupting in yr discussions...even my son is having wheezing cough since last 2-3 years but off late we have started inhaler medicine to be pumped in through inhaler (sorry doesnt remember the name) ..gods grace this winter i.e. last two months he has not caught so far but this inhaler has little steriod percentage so i want him to take homeopathy so that we can avoid this inhaler..can anybody suggest good homeopathy in delhi or chennai as these days we hv to b really sure of a good homeopathy otherwise hv been hearing some homeo doc. gives medicines which may give intial effect but nothing later as their medicine may hv little steriod content too..

good luck

Deeps2611 2014-03-06 20:31:54


Hi hunkhushi

I am also facing same problem .my son is now 4 1/2 yr old. last 3 year he has facing wheezing problem.

Dr prescribed him  Seroflow 50 , montair LC kit , Nasonex spray for daily use.

& if cold -cough is there we used  Asthelin inhaler .doctor said don't use nebulizer b'cause it is not much effective.

& Inhaler is the only solution. We used inhaler from last 3 years but t it can not shows 100% result. every year he gone through this wheezing problem, fever.

I have not used homeopathy but it take long time..

Just now I heard about salt therapy .which is helpful in asthma & respiratory infections.

Anybody know about it ?

please share your views.


But not much effective .


huntkhushi 2014-03-11 11:09:02


 Hi Deeps2611 ,

Its been 4 months since the time I had started the medications mentioned by my doc (same when this was posted by be ) .
What I can say is that these medicines are proving effective  as they are preventive medicines.
But guess you can ask your doc about that Kidicare -it is vitamin syrup and Immumod is made up of grape juice (to improve immunity). Depends on the doctor's practice type.

But Flohale inhaler  (which is a Fluticasone steriod to basically reduce the inflamaton of the lungs due to allergy which causes wheezing , asthama)

In case of wheeze still occurs , i have to give her Levolin inhaler puff as SOS basis (which is Salbutamol , it is to relax the breathing passage in lungs). Previously she used to get extreme wheezing n breathlessness , that time used Nebuliser Duolin. In fact Nebuliser dose is very strong compared to the Huff puff kit of inhaler for kids.
Montair LC  was stopped after 3 months  of giving her . 

 i would suggest  that go for a second opinion from a senior paedretician, if u r in Pune  , let me know ..maybe I could recommend mine.
At this point of time ....just keep faith  and give your little one good healthy foods and enjoy playing with him :)
Always avoid areas which are smoke filled,pollen, cold n cough .

All will be well ,


Deeps2611 2014-03-14 17:44:39


Hi huntkhushi

Thanks for your suggestion.

I am planning to go to pune in coming May. you know any doctor ?please refer me.

One more thing I heard about salt therpy which is very useful for respiratory infections & asthma.

I am thinking over it. but need some reviews /info ...



huntkhushi 2014-03-19 10:30:44


 Hi Deeps ,

Sure paedretician is Dr. Anand Pandit . His clinic is in Deccan . If u visit him in May , you would need to call up for appointment atleast a month earlier.Since he is a very senior doc and carry all the medical files & prescrip along.

let me know if u need any help .
take care

Deeps2611 2014-03-21 15:36:37


Hi huntkhushi

Thanks a lot for sharing this info.

keep in touch



parveedabanu01 2014-08-04 10:30:37


Hi! I myself have had this problem for a long while now. I am allergic to dust, pollen grains and also smoke. Also, I used to get severe allergies due to seasonal vagaries. I tried allopathy for a long while - the situation would worsen every year and I was asked to use antihistamines. I then switched over to homeopathy and took medicines for more than a year and am much better now. Since yours is a small kid, please check out for a good homeopath near your place and take him or her there. Homeopathy doesnt have side effects as opposed to allopathic drugs. Good Luck!

1400 2014-11-08 11:10:41



My daughter 3.5 yrs was diagnosed Bronchial Asthma one year back. From that time onwards we are giving her Flohale inhaler 2 puffs a day and occassional nebuliser( Levoline+ Budacord) when ever severe coughing and infection used to be there. She was more or less alright with these. But from October to now this year nothing is working. She had such severe bouts of coughing that she was not able to close her mouth. Is it Acute or Chronic Bronchitis? She coughs so much while eating that almost vomits it out.  after completing one antibiotic dosage she again developed similar symptomps now despite keeping her on preventive medicine like Flowhale inhaler. We are very worried. We stay in Bangalore. Can some one please suggest if relocation to Hyderabad will help in this case.

Also suggest some very good Homeopath please. I cant see my child suffer so much.Please some one reply.


huntkhushi 2014-11-10 17:52:35


Hi Priyanka ,I  can understand your problem and pain . More than relocation , I suggest refer a skilled doctor  who can take care of the little one to help her come out of this sensitivity.For my daughter it was almost a 1 year treatment of allopathy as u can read my  first email but she has improved.I can recommend a doc I  refered to but  he is in Pune  . Check in Blore  - for some senior doctor ...that is better than just giving symptom based medicine.Antibiotics dont help always  , but keep precautions. to pollution and dust and infections.

Take care

Deeps2611 2014-11-18 21:09:19


Hi Priyanka

My son also have wheezing problem ..we are gone through this winter/  rainy seasons problems.Inhalers are not

much useful ..

Recently we are using salt therpy. Which is beneficial for my son. Just check Respicare website.

you will get all the information from there.

All d best


Mohan91 2015-02-23 12:02:14


Hi Priyanka

I second the opinion of Huntkhusi.
Shifting to another city is not really of help.

If you are in Bangalore, then you may visit the homeopathy doctor we were consulting for my son of 5yr who had bronchial asthma with seasonal colds and wheezing, who had to be nebulized often.
He is asymptomatic now and doing good after the treatment..



Anand83 2016-02-28 17:05:00


I also seem to go through similar issue with my 5 yr old kid. Please check the following post:
have you ever thought about Himalaya medicines such as Septilin or Bresol in particular?


Sanikavarsha 2018-12-05 23:46:42


Hello mam my daughter is facing same problem we r going through same treatment but not much use please help me

Mady790 2018-12-07 17:16:47


Hi, my 4 yr daughter has has allergic rhinitis and asthama, pls let me know good doctor or any ayverdic doctor which can help us Now she on allopathy and Homeopath medicine Homeopath dr told ua you have to wait 8-9 mths for result

PoojaNirmal 2020-04-10 22:22:37


Hello all, My 6 year old kid has chronic cough. Pulmonologist diagnosed it as multiple trigger asthma. No one in our family has asthma. It is said that asthma in kids gets cured when they get 8 to 10 years old. Did it get alright for any of you here. Also i would like to take him to ayurvedic or homeopathic doctor. Did ayurved or homeopathy work for any of you. Kindly reply. I'm getting really desperate for some solution Ÿ˜ Regards, Pooja Nirmal


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