does nutrilite kids range contains steroids?

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babypearl 2012-06-22 14:55:17


hi all

 my daughter is 5yrs old ... i m giving her nutrilite kids drink from last 8months as she use to be sick very often with wheezing ,very fussy eater...and i was told by one of my frnd to give her nutrilite ...i started giving her frm nov and i cld see a huge diff... she became active, her immunity has shooted up she started eating food without any fuss...we wr very happy untill recently one of my hubbys cousin who is doc told us tht it may contain steroids and we shld stop using it...

   can someone plz tell if it is true coz i had tried many things for her like homeo ayurvedic med her doc even gave pedimmune nothing worked and finally we found something as a releif and now tht too is ment to b harmfull...does anybody knw if it is true tht if nutrilite kids drink is harmfull plz let me knw

from babypearl

keerthu 2012-06-22 16:59:52


 Hi babypearl,

i am using it from last 7-8 months , even i have observed lot of difference.

what ever you have written ...i came across same situation with my son.

casually  i have asked  my family homeopathy doc long back  ..he said...we can use nutrilite for kids.

after reading your post..... :(

i am thinking that ......we should ask a good pediatrian about this.

hope for the gud.












keerthu 2012-06-22 17:16:11


 Hi babypearl,

My mom was saying that....Amway nutrilite is rated 1st in health drink  in readers digest magzine.

i know some ppl who are using it from 9 years.






balakrishi 2012-06-22 18:04:55


I used the prodcut briefly...was about to order another pack when a person told me that these products affects the mental health of the kids....I was shocked....Am sure a product certified and being used for so many years must not be that way.....So, are these rumours spread by people with bad intentions?


babypearl 2012-06-23 12:33:21


hi sujata08  

happy to knw tht u r a nutritionist.....u took time to write on this discussion ...dont take me wrong i want to ask u one thing ... how r u so sure tht this product is 100%safe and natural....i m not judging ur knowledge but its just my curiousity to knw more as i m giving to my child and i was very happy with it but if somebody comes and tells suddenly tht its harmfull for ur child as a mother it is obv tht i get worried thts y i m asking plz dont take me wrong

hi balakrishi

did u order another pack r u completely satis with it..did u ask any experts...

hi keerthu

can i knw wt changes hav u seen in ur kid..i n my case she has gained wt,her appetite has changed.... now i stopped this kids drink from last 12 days and i see tht she has started with cough and i m not sure iff it is coz i hv stopped this product or if it is coz of the climate change.from last 7 months she was not effected with any climate old is ur child now....




 Former member 2012-06-24 01:08:53


Hi babypearl,

There are two kinds of health drink available in market. One is synthetic and other is natural (plant based). Plant based on our studies are highly safe range to be given to all age groups. Also you will see these product don't use any chemical preservatives and artificial flavours.. read below link




 Former member 2012-06-25 13:02:24



My opinion is always go for natural health products(Homemade porridge). My peadiatrician told to avoid all processed foods like jams, bakery items, sauce even tetra pack fruit juices, Lays it will affect the Physical & Mental health of the kids. My kid was addicted to pediasure he use to drink 3-4 times a day and it decreased his appetite & i came to know that continuous use will lead to kidney problems in kids. So i stopped it, now i'm giving bournvita that too only 1/4 spoon in a glass of milk jus for the flavour(he dislikes plain milk). Normally these kind of health drinks sh'd be given only when the child is ill & not able to take regular food beco's of the illness. So try to develop healthy eating habits in kids.


BeHealthy 2012-08-20 15:36:35


I request all members to carry out some self study on products. Plse see contents and check nutritional values given on pack. Don't get swayed by qulaification of person who is advising you.If somebody tells you it contains steroids ask him to prove it.

As per me Nutrilite kids drink is best bet for our children as it containd no sythetic product  not even flavour. Hence it is absolutely safe



NJ 2012-08-20 16:17:37


Nutrilite does not contain steroids.

What I do not like about such kind of ready made mixes is the amount of sugar it contains. It can cause attention deficit and temper tantrus in kids due to sugar crashes and cravings. A high sugar diet is a bit nono. Instead you can use a multivitamin supplement instead for immunity than products like nutrilite or pediasure.


khushi786 2016-04-06 14:41:37


Hi My son is having same prob as ur daughter. He is 4.5 yr old n always catches cuf n of my friend told to buy nutrilite but m really confused after reading ur reviews.. wht i hav gone thru is this product is conpletely natural.. far better thn pediasure n i had given him enuf multivitamins but all of no use n multivit also contains gud amount of sugar n flavors.....please guide


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