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nani02 2012-04-12 10:38:15


I am starting the new thread to discuss about eye problems in chidren. Let us talk abut how can we improve eye vision.

My kid is 4 years old and has vision numbers -1.00, -1.50.

Can we improve vision and get rid of eye glasses? Any suggestions.

As of now I have consulted ayurvedic Dr. using medices to improve/ to control the number growth rate. I am giving her 20-25ml carrot juice daily. Giving her green vegitabes.   Ofcourse kid is also wearing eye glasses.

Anymore suggestions?





nani02 2012-04-20 11:33:44


Are there any cases where there is improvement in vision, once they diagonised as nearsighted.   All the internet discussions are discouragng my hope.

I have started giving her badam, carrot, green vegitables. 

Is it possible to improve the vision 100%, using ayurvedic or homeopathy? Can anyone share the info, if they have?

I am more worried after hearing that the number will increase as she grows up, till the age 18 or 20. After that only it settles.




annakochu 2012-04-21 01:11:18


 playing group games in the outdoors may help in the long run. There are also eye excercises which can be done. check with a good ophthalmologist who is willing to spend time with you and explain. Check also at the Yoga institutes in Bangalore.



RoshMom 2012-04-21 12:25:35


Hi nani,

you can attend the classes in SriAurobindo ashram pondy (school for perfect eyesight) . They conduct classes for all ages. You have to attend atleast for a week and you can continue to practice the exercise at home. My sis attended the classes and there was very good improvement in her eyesight. please check the link



nani02 2012-04-23 15:42:54


Thanks annakochu and RoshMom.

will try to take her to SriAurobindo ashram.

But as she is just 4 years old (by End of May she will be 4), it is becoming very difficult for me to ask her to do excercises.  I have just started asking her to look left,up, right,down...4 times. and in anti-clock wise direction 4 times.  But after 2 or 3 times she is saying "NO".







annakochu 2012-04-23 17:04:30


 Any outdoor game, in a park, like 'catch', or ' I spy with my little eye' etc, will automatically mean that her eyes will move from near objects to distant ones, sideways etc, while playing, without making her feel she is doing tiresome 'eye excercises'.

 In a park, 'cos the greenery is also good for us, and playing outdoors gives the child a sense of freedom. PLAY is the way.




nani02 2012-04-23 17:56:49


Thanks annakochu.  Will try to implement your suggestions.

From next monday onwards she is going to summer camp. So I wil get 1 hr free time in the morning, as school starts 1 hr late than her regular school. I will take her to park, in the morning. 




annakochu 2012-04-23 20:57:27


 Dear Nani, all the best. for you and your child. enjoyyour time with her, whatever her problems. Focus on her good qualities-praise them in small ways and have fun with her. The children grow up so soon!

  I had specs (short sight) from the age of 10- I read voraciously, and also in bed, before sleeping. Yet, when I began to play group games in school and college,outdoors, I found that my power went down. The docs did not understand it. After marriage and kids, I stopped reading as much, and did not use my specs much either. Strangely when I checked my eye power when I needed a driving license, it had come to nearly normal- I did not need specs. Now I use specs, due to age and long sight and with that short sight also increased ( maybe more computer usage) so I use bifocals-mailnly for reading.



nani02 2012-04-24 10:53:27


Thanks annakochu, when ever I hear something like the eye number came down, it boosts my hopes.

As I am a workign mother, my inlaws takes care of my kid in my absence. As they are retired employees they watch TV continuously, she is doing same.

To avoid this I am trying to engage her in activities. Like I am sending her to summer camp, as soon as her vaccation starts. Sometimes I feel sad for not giving her holidays. But I am not getting any other idea.......I am trying convience my hubby that I will resign for my job...but he is not accepting . Lets see.



annakochu 2012-05-04 20:51:53


 Dear nani,

   You are probably doing the best thing for your child by sending her for summer camp for she needs other kids too.  You can also team up wih parents of her classmates, or your friends, and take turns to look after each others' kids, so each couple can go on an outing together,by themselves, without 'pressure' and 'worry' about  their kid(s).

End of your office day, when you get time, sit and chat with her about her ideas and thoughts- children need us to hear them and receive their love.

Take care


NVK 2012-12-05 16:12:15



i would like to enter this conversation since im sailing in the same boat as nani.

my son is 4.3 yrs and recently i took him for a routine test. the Doctor told me that he's got a cylindrical number in both eyes. the final number is yet to come, since the Doctor said first he needs to dialate the eyes and then give exact number. however, he also mentioned that eyes of children are not completely developed till they are 5 years. Doctor also said that eye number has nothing to do with watching tv or too much reading, etc. its due to our genes, like the colour of our eyes, height, looks, etc. (im not sure as to how much of this is true)

i'm working too and my son is looked after by my in laws. i can understand nani's helplessness and frustration. though my in laws try to take care of him to the best of their capacity, age surely takes a toll.

i'm tensed about my son's eyes and would do anything to ensure that he has a good eye sight.

taking him to Garden is good, but by the time i come home, its already dark. nevertheless i take him to the compound to play at whatever time im back. have also started giving him carrot and beetroot soup.

any other tips would be highly appreciated.

thanks and best regards,



SaravananChennai 2014-01-31 10:46:23



How is your son's vision condition right now? My Kid's has also cylindrical power and am in the same situation as you was in last year. We consulted at Sankara Nethralaya, Nungambakkam. They said the same.. Cylindrical power is due to the structure of the eyes. The cornea is Oval Shape instead of Sphere.

Please let me know, if your kid's vision power is reduced after wearing glasses full time.. ? Eager to know your advice to follow.

Please keep in touch.


NVK 2014-01-31 18:33:02


Hello Saravanan,

the doctor advised my son to wear glasses only while watching tv or studying, he did wear it for a couple of days but then he was not very comfortable doing it so left it. now he wears glasses very rarely, somehow he doesn't even complain about not seeing clearly, hence i'm taking it easy and not pushing him too much to wear glasses.

first thing, don't get too worked out out whatever the circumstances, secondly, you have to make your child do a lot of out door sports that's very important for a good eyesight. also a good healthy food habits helps.

take care,

ramyapriya 2017-09-15 11:14:02


hi my daughter is 4 years and recently when we went for a eye test doctor said she has cylindrical power, however final no will be given only after dilating and testing the eyes after 3 days , but iam worried.started giving badam and carrot she does not eat leafy veggies.doctor says its all about cornea shape, as she is a growing child will they outgrow this condition, ? i feel quite depressed to hear that she has cylindrical power, any suggestions

RA2371 2017-12-18 15:13:56


Hi nany

I recently joinedthis plateform and read whole thread.How's your daughter eyesight now?


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