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patne 2011-12-09 19:26:19


my son shreeharsh age 5 1/2yrs weight 15kg good in study srkg, is suffering from allergies than asthma. Dr. says he is on boundry of getting asthamatic. now we are treating him continously on antibiotics, inhaler , zincovit, Dcalsoft even though there is no improvement. he get cough cold every 15 days. he is allergic to fish,  yam,  chickoo , milk milk products. we even cann't give him fruits as he starts getting cold after having it. plz help me in improving his health,

NJ 2011-12-10 23:50:43


Include a high dose Vit C(250 mg twice a day) and Zinc (15 mg per day). Stop the antibiotics whatsoever ,, Everytime you start him on antibiotics, he would be needing it again soon, as antibiotics weakens the immune system, So you have to break this cycle. The next time he gets fever, just give him paracetamol syrup with some food like idly. For cough give tulsi ginger tea(I use fab india organics) with a bit of honey thrice a day for 5 days. If you use this earlier, during the starting of the cough, it gets cured quicker. Since he has been on antibiotic courses many times, you may need to reestablish his intestinal flora- get a good potent probiotic and use it for 3 months.


geetharama 2011-12-12 11:03:50


Good Suggestions NJ.  Try giving oregano (karpuravalli) leaves mashed with tulsi leaves and ginger in hot water. Extract the juice and mix with honey. Try to include pepper, turmeric, ginger and garlic in his food. Check with your doctor on what all fruits you can give. My son also gets cold and cough very often. He has got increased eosnopholic count and increased broncho vascular markings in his lungs. Doctor has told that I can give Apple, few varieties of banana and pappaya and complete No to sweets, choclates, cakes etc...  If you can Amla, you can give Amla and mix with honey.. Amla is veery good in Vit C  Try to give foods that improves his immune system.



rohiniGN 2011-12-12 11:15:55


Try homeopathy, its slow but very very effective... antiboitics kills microbes.. allergiesdont need antibiotics..



patne 2011-12-12 13:19:24


thx alot all of u.. he is treated on homeo byside. for vit C & zinc i give him 5ml zincovit tonic. as present he is again having cough but homeo doc say it is cold god knows all Dr. suggestions make me mad.  i started sitopaladi 2 times with honey to him. if i give him ginger or any like pepper he gets boils in his mouth. he has lot of heat in body,  we cann't even understands he is having temperature or not.  for fruits i give him little warm apple, sometimes papaya & amla sticks in warm seasons. he get cough problem twice a month. he is on rotahaler, montekulast, for allergy.    Is there any other method like accupressure or naturotherapy in this deal? plz  waiting.   all ur suggestion will support & help me.   i want my son to be healthy and not a sick kid.  plzzzzzzzzzzz


patne 2011-12-12 16:26:18


hi,  i search on net for probiotic items , can u suggest the best one for my kid ? i will consult to my doc for it.  he is allergic to aspergillus.   earlier doc suggested me Aristozyme 5ml  syrup for his digestion but he had urination prob.

i rest on antibiotics more- reason is he had convulsion at 11mth age. so i have to rush to dr. for his fever (temp start 101dg)  . earlier he had fever for every month. but touchwood its counting is lowered. 

i tried ayur medic for 2 yrs but it became hail for me. when i chk his ige was 1200 which came down to 350 after giving him 6 histoglobin inj.   he is prematurely born ie 8mths 1day  weight was 2kg 600gms  (inherited by me 8 months 2days).   I (his mother nisha) too is allergic for sour food i cann;t eat curd, lemon acchar and many khatti things.  but we can have tomato in our food.  but i can have cheese butter ghee in certain qnty.   why this with me?  i feel embarassed when i am in my frd or family circle.  they tell i don;;t allow him for it.  but they can;t understand my situation after he get affected.    

ok bye sorry for worrying u. 




bite 2011-12-12 17:17:31


 Hi Patne,I read your problem and can corelate with you because i also suffered same problem.As we were new to this place so my 51/2yrs child was having adjustment problem with climate hereAfter every 15days we had to give her antibiotic.A deitician helped me by suggesting high quality food supplement to increase her immune system.So I give her Protein(it has 22amino acids),Multivitamine chewable tablet,Iron chewable tablet,Vit-C chewable tablet. I started this course on 3rd of November ,touch wood no cold ,no antibiotic and no doctor since then. As she was having tonsilitis earlier so her immune system was very weak,all these supplement boost her immunity.These are natural food supplement so no side effect. If you need any help further I can be there.




chicky 2011-12-13 12:36:49



even my son who is 3.2 is getting frequent cough n cold  these..days due to allergy...earlier..I used to ..think its common in kids at this yesteday visited dr. he said its not good nd suggest me to go for inhaler..1nce he is done with his course..

I affraid..thats not something prone to asthama...or somthing

bite :can u suggest me the dietician name if u from pune for high quality food supplement to increase babys immune system or else if u share some tips from dr.





patne 2011-12-13 16:51:46


bite thx....   r u in mumbai?   so can i get the dietician add...    today shreeharsh is having severe cough dr. gave the same treatment .   I talked to Dr.. on suggestion of NY about probiotic,   she suggested yakult which affects our throat.      plz let me know abt the dietician i too was thinking abt the same   but  i get afraid abt thinking for his health..   listening about  u  helped & gave support for my thinking.    bye for now 


KALPAN 2011-12-14 11:28:31


Hi patne

Frequent cold n cough is due to the weak immune system  of the child.  This is to be treated rest all will automatically be OK. I was also facing the same problem for my daughter. She used to be on antibiotics and after the course completes, in another 5-6 days again she will go thro the same cycle.  It happened that her TB test also came or borderline and I was horrified.  Then I said enough is enough, these antibiotics gives temporary relief but affects the immunity of the child.  I started homeopathy for her and I will say it is the best for cold-cough.  In addition to this I started sitophaladi churna mixed with honey immediately after getting up in the morning and at bedtime just before going to bed followed by lukeward water or haldi milk. This makes wonders. And I also started her with SEPTILIN (still continuing) which boosts the immunity of the child. Septilin is an ayurvedic medicine. I started it on my friend's advice but subsequently two doctors also prescribed the same for her.  This can be given alongwith homeopathy medicines.  Takes time to give results say a month but in the long run u need not worry at all. So try this.  Septilin to be given 5 ml after lunch n dinner.  It tastes very good and children takes it without hesitation.  In fact my daughter always asks one more spoon of that.

hope this will be of some help to u.



PiaKaushik 2011-12-22 14:56:58


Hi Kalpan...

Is this Septilin and sitaphaladi churan can be given to kid of any age.. or is there any age limit for that? And also, where we can buy them. Pls help.


KALPAN 2011-12-22 16:42:21


hi PitaKaushik

These medicines are available in any medical shops.  They are ayurvedic medicines and  can be given to kid of any age.  Sitophaladi u can start with a pinch mixed with honey and then increase the quantity. Presently my daughter 6 yrs, am giving her one small teaspoon and Septilin 5 ml twice after lunch and dinner.  However I suppose the quantiy is prescribed on the bottle also for age. U can check or u can consult a doctor also.  If the kid is too small 2.5 ml should be OK. Sitophaladi immediately followed by lukewarm water or lukewarm haldi milk (mix sugar for taste and boil with small amount of haldi powder) makes real wonders for cold/cough.  Sitophaladi mixed with honey tastes very good and even septilin!!!!!!!!!! Kid loves its taste and gives us effects also.  However will not give immediate relief.  Continuity is required.



isabella7in 2019-04-16 10:50:33


hi I have a similar case. my son is 6 years old and has enlarged tonsils and adenoids. he keeps getting sick after 8 to ten days... how is your child now...can you tell me what really worked on your kid


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