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babypearl 2011-11-23 09:31:33


my daughter is 4 yrs pld and has asthma issues......very often she falls sick with cold and whezing....also she is very fussy eater doesnt eat anything.... she can starve for 2 days without food....thrs nothing tht she likes ....thr r many who told me abt this amway protien pwdr for kids.....is it good for building immunity and gaining wt....is it safe...plz help all the moms...desperate to knw ur views....

 Former member 2011-11-23 09:59:21


 hi, babypearl

i am not aware of amway but can suggest u to start giving ur child somva-34 which is an ayurvedic powder u can get this at any  medical store its of sheth brothers the measurement and other details are given on the bottle... so start giving ur child and see the difference in few days.. my child was also facing the same problem i started with somva-34 and  i can see the difference .



kaviraja 2011-11-23 12:22:24


 the amway protein powder is good..It can be used by both adults and kids. But it will be tasteless. Hence to give it in milk will be difficult especially for kids.Hence you would have to mix it with chappathi dough or any other stuff. Since it is tasteless, you can mix it with other foods and give.

You can actually give her the amway kids drink .It is very good . I have used it for my son and I could find a good difference. His immunity has improved.   You can also try the multivitamin they have as well as the Vitamin C for kids. Vitamin C is good for cold problems. 



babypearl 2011-11-23 15:41:54


thank u krishna 7 .....i hv tried before some ayurvedic medicines for her but thn i came to knw tht she is allergic to some ayurvedic stuffs.....

@kaviraja thanks for the feedback i m so desperate to see her healthy as she is sick every 2 weeks..and mostly on antibiotics for her conjutions due to cold....so u suggest tht i shld go for this amway protien pdr for kids....


NandiniBala 2011-11-24 09:44:33



I think u need not panic about your kid as all the parents out here would have crossed this phase in their lives including me. My son is seven years old and till the age of 5, as u said, every month he used to get wheezing resulting in continuous cough which will stop only with nebilizers and antibiotics. And I started giving homeopathy medicines for him. U cant expect immediate result with homeopathy but it works in long term. U will be able to feel the difference slowly. The frequency will come down and slowly the child will get immunity. Even I gave this Amway protein powder for my son for one year and I stopped. I didnt find any difference with that but nothing wrong in giving that as it has got high protein. For some people. I heard it resulted in weight gain. Keep a watch on that if u are giving that. And mainly for cold, u have to give lots of Vitamin  C rich foods. Try to give everything natural to the extent possible rather than syrup or tablets. And also u can give iron rich foods for good immune system.




babypearl 2011-11-24 10:21:23


thanks nandini .i m double minded abt homeo or amway...i hv heard tht homeo adds steroids in it is it true....


babypearl 2011-11-24 10:23:13


...also she has taken lots of antibiotics... mostly every 2 weeks she is on antibiotics is it not harmful for small bodies.....


NandiniBala 2011-11-24 13:43:37



Antibiotics once in every two weeks is definitely not good for the kid's health. As far as I know, homoeo doesnt contain steroid. It is recommended usually after 1 year. Moreover it is not as powerful as an antibiotic due to which the result is delayed but permanent. But u have to check first whether ur homeo suits ur kid. Are u giving de-worming medicine for ur kid? If not, consult ur paediatrician and give that in the time interval specified by the doctor. That will kill the germs and increases the appetite of the child.




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