Veg or Non-veg food best for children

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Laksimi 2009-10-29 23:15:19


Hi all,

1.Actually we are Vegeratian. Since my daughter is having many health related problems, many are suggesting to for Non -veg food like Mutton Soups, egg, fish etc.

2.They also say nowadays veggies are not that much fresh and good for health since it been grown through medicines.

I want  to know how far is my above doubts true?

Which is the best food to increase stamina, strength and immunity power to my kid?



Laksimi 2009-10-30 20:15:06


y i coudlnt see any replies for my query

pls post it soon


rajivcnair 2009-10-30 22:38:42


Veg food is always safer than Non Veg food.  Chicken & Mutton is as risky as animals / poultry breeding in India is in no way hygienic.


daddycool 2009-10-31 03:27:17


There is nothing like non veg food is un hygienic as a matter of fact these days farmers use extensive amount of pesticides and artificial enhancers to get more yields which is extremely harmful to health. When non-veg cooked at certain temp is safe for consumption. Egg whites are really rich in protein and its very essential for kids growth. Certain Sea foods are rich in good fatty acids that prevents cancer and heart diseases. Mutton and Chicken soup is enhances the kids immunity, stamina and overall growth.

Being said that its not wise for anyone to ask you to adapt to non veg foods. I am sure you can definitely find Veg foods which could provide the same nutrients. I am sure if you google it you could find the answers. It also depends on your family values and it would be difficult for you to prepare and raw smell of non veg items.

I think you are the best judge to decide. Good Luck


Laksimi 2009-10-31 20:20:08


hi daddy cool

thanks for ur wonderful reply. as u said we r the one who should judge on this.

actually my kid was having fever for past 4 days, in blood report it shd very very less haemoglobin 9.6% and blood count as 3000. doctor said it  is very less. may be due to the viral fever it might have gone down. few months back also haemoglobin count was very less due to fever. she gets fever often. doctor said immune power is less and suggested to give nutritious food. Frankly speaking we r giving her all sorts of veg nutritious food like pulses, greens, all veggies, dal etc. in spite of this she has got all sorts of prob. many friends of mine suggested to go for fish, egg, mutton . they also said crab soup is best source of iron and gives good stamina. They also kindly adviced not to go for chicken.

Even though it was hard for me to digest, i am ready to go for any food which recovers my daughter.

Pls give me more clarity on the above mentioned non-veg items whether it is true or any equal supplement of veg food for her health problem.



stj 2009-11-01 14:22:42


rather than going for a drastic change, if u r comfortable try only egg (the white initially).

one of my neighbor's kid, who is around 3yrs had the same problem. they r muslims and have mutton/fish/chicken all the time, but that didn't help the child( some child have low absorption fom food, esp after an illness)

She was adviced to take iron suppl. (ferox syrup) and vitamins (zincovit is the best as it has zinc also). Also wht helped the child was 2 dates grinded and mixed with milk , daily for a month.... there was such a vast improvement i the child.

I suggest that you too try this for a month, before makin a change in your eating habits, esp if family members are sensitive


Laksimi 2009-11-06 23:26:15


my child has mininmum 4 dates daily . she loves raisins. im giving her all sorts of food like pulses, veggies , greens etc

this time, i succeeded a little in my try of  making my kid eat egg omlette.

how about cod liver capsules . is it good for health ?

any food recipe or natural medicine to increase her blood count

im regularly giving her a iron tonic which doctor has prescribed.

apart from that any food recipe or natural medicine to increase her blood count???




artichandan 2009-11-09 06:53:49



To increase the blood count apple,spinch, and tomatoo is the best and it will even help in inceres hamoglobin level.

Mutton soup is the best for stamina and please try to give orange juice everyday to you child.



artichandan 2009-11-09 06:57:12


Please dont try to give you child ready made  multi-vitamins.

let your child's body make it from the food they eat.


Laksimi 2009-11-09 22:58:31


thanks arti

what do u mean by ready made  multi-vitamins?

since she is having sinus problem also, doc has strictly advised not to give citric fruits.

she is having apple once in two days. spinach weekly twice.

apart from this any other diet???


drsonia 2010-07-17 18:53:33


Hi  Laksimi

I am Dr Sonia S V I am an ENT Specialist and the mother  of a 4 year old hence my joining this group. I couldnt help noticing the discussion on diet and vitamins.

There is no scientific evidence citrus fruits worsen sinus issues

In fact citrus fruits are high in Vit c which can boost your immunity!

We restrict citrus food in specific situations such as acidity or a proven allergy to citrus fruits. Kindly do not restrict any child a category of food on casual advise!

Regarding another point- Vegetarian diet is deficient in a vitamin called B12 hence many pediatricians and general physicians may recomment a multivitamin supplement to the diet in such a case.


All the best

Dr Sonia Suprabha Venugopal
Consultant ENT Surgeon , Head & Neck Specialist
Sahakaranagar, Bangalore



GunaMeenu 2012-04-06 16:13:06


No Advatagements please



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