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A BIG THUMBS UP FOR THE NEST,The principal of this school,Uma Aunty is very dedicated towards growth and development of kids in this school and have a very efficient and dedicated team of staff!!Very safe and loving environment My kid likes to go to school everyday, beacuse of the ambience especially the vast play area and the Teachers who are working over there.


The Nest is really very true to its name .... For kids to be in a safe  place outside their home...Uma Aunty is not only the Principal of this play school but also a very attatched teacher, parent, grandparent n above all a very good friend . She can remember not only the names of all the kids but also induvidually if asked about details  she can tell you all that she observes or is reported to by the rest of the faculty! Its quite amazing how each of these teachers are so attatched n affectionate wen it cums to handling kids . The play area of this school is absolutely other school 's envy ! n the pride of The Nest! Kids simply love the vast area n freedom given to move about so much so that they want yo be the last to be picked up to get back home .. The kids r happy to return to school the following morning ! Three cheers to the entire team of teachers n non teaching staff to maintain this school n to bring this school to this level ! It was a memorable experience for both my son n myself being a part of this school n thus be a part of this big fmly of parents of this playschool! May this school grow over the years in bounds !


As a mother I felt that my little one deserved the best start and smooth acceptance into schooling. Going through the tedious process of (pre) school hunting and making the best possible decision we stepped into "The Nest", My girl has had the best possible combination of all developments i shall say... be it bhajans, numbers or rhymes.
The school has a great ambiance with so much greenery and a sand pit. 
Right through the year she was taken good care & she is perfectly school-ready. 
I wish to thank all the teachers and helpers for taking affectionate care of my kid.
Thank you.


The NEST...has been my son's first step into education away from home. Not a single moment in the past one year since he has been at the NEST have i ever regretted. I had always wanted a great platform for my sons' education and this was the appropriate school.
The staff and the attendants have taken an one on one care of my son and helped him develop himself 360 degrees. From losing the single child characters to improving his talking skills the NEST has helped him excel.
Special Kudos the faculty for making him look forward to the time at school.
Wish every preschool took a piece of methodology from NEST to excel.
Thank you for shaping my Son.
Wishing the school play the same role for many more generations to come."
CONTENT"is a term from this father to the school


My Son did his PreKG at Nest. We had short listed 3 schools and he liked this place the best. Its got a huge play area which a dream come true for every child. 
We loved the school. There wasn't a day when he would be reluctant to go to school. He quickly learnt their prayer and songs. He loved his art and craft sessions. If I remember right, they even had fireless cooking sessions with the kids.
The kid's annual day program was a treat to watch. They made every child get on the stage and perform.
The Student Teacher ratio is significantly higher than other places. Kids get individual attention.
Lastly I would like to add that the cleanliness was top notch. I haven"t heard any parent complaint about kids catching infections like common cold/fever from school.


My son has been going to the school for more than 20 months. It is a great place to leave him without any worries. The homely atmosphere, the affection shown by the "Aunties" who guide him in getting the basics of manners, eating, orderliness, playing with other children, singing rhymes etc. is really very nice to hear.

I was there for the school day program in February and the children put up an excellent show. My son is truly at home and enjoys going to the school each day. Even after starting full time LKG, he still keeps asking when he can go to the NEST. Mrs.Uma Narayanan is hands-on and keenly watches the children each day. I could see the heavy heart with which she and the other staff bid farewell to them when they leave school. 

I believe that they would also be starting a day-care and play centre shortly, I would surely enrol him in the play centre.....Truly recommended to start off any child there to get the basics of going to school. 


The Nest is play school where there is a huge sand area surroubded by greenery a natural atmosphere which we seldom get in the current times...individual care and attention to kids introducing young minds to whole lot of activities that develop their motor skills, bajans and what amazed me was that the kids learnt songs in Tamil,Hindi and ofcourse English...was pleasantly taken aback when my kid could tell the months of the year in tamil...the teachers are easily approachable, friendly and open to suggestions ...whereas in other pre schools you are not even allowed beyond the school gatesand the fees compared to other schools is nothing...A nice place for kids to start off their schooling...throwing mud...fighting amongst kids happens in all schools and the response we get from them would be similar and I really doubt if a teacher at The Nest can give such a reply having known them for 6 years now...but the two years that my daughter and son spent there I havent witnessed anything negative..infact a shy girl like my daughter is winning the bhagavad Gita competition and doing so well in theatre every year is one n only because if the foundation laid in The Nest...and hoping the very best for the Nest...and once again thanking and everyone at The Nest especially Mrs.Uma Narayanan for the wonderful things done by them to my son who just graduated this year from pre school... I think I can confidently recommend this school for toddlers as I felt its a Home away from Home....


Not sure who recommended this - but recent times it had become pathetic i can say. If you see the kids they are not been taken care properly. They all alone wander here and there, one is throwing mud on the other. When we checked about this with the teacher over there, we got the response as, "we cannot take care of all the kids completely".  you should imagine a parent mindset when hearing such a wording from the management for their 2 and half year kid.  This is not the whole story, there is a person called vasuki, who works there as a teacher/care taker of these kids. She urges every parents to join in some class which she conducts privately. 
Kids are gifts for our life, we take all sincere steps to keep them secured and try to give them good surroundings. Unfortunately, places like this, who charges very high fee and not taking any responsibilities other than try to commercialize the things further, need to be avoided by every parents. 
People are paying way high amount from their pockets to see smile on their kids, but these people, even if they doesn't understand that kids are closer to god, they should at least try to treat the little ones with right dignity


its not all recommended for kids. Its not a school at all.




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