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CV has 2 teachers per class in LKGs, But it is only one teacher in most classes in UKG. If the teacher is not experienced enough, they put an extra teacher in UKG too. The class teacher takes mainly 3 classes in UKG. English, Number Work and Science. The second language is taken by specialized teachers. The children have dance, music, swimming, drawing, computer, math lab, bunny class and a lot of other extra curricular activities under the concerned teachers.

My son is studying UKG this year. I also had the same concerns about the number of students. but I found out that the teacher does know the individual students quite well. She cant tell you whether your child went to the toilet that day or how much your child ate in the dining hall, but she knows how your child is performing in class and the areas where needs more attention. We find it difficult to manage 1-2 children, they are doing a great job handling 45. Of course, she does more refereeing than teaching, but that is how it is at this stage.

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Academic Programs: 5
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