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My child has got admission in The school this year. We had a thorough rigorous interview and child underwent a unique selection procedure which test the real intelligence of the child. There is no written test. Their teaching methodology is unique. There is no written exams till 7th standard. There is lot of outdoor activities in natural environment and the students are really enjoying and having lot of fun thoroughout the day. There is no competition between children.


I am a parent who has been denied admission this year but must confess that it was such a pleasant experience visiting the school and sitting through their interview process. While there are schools where one has to register even before the kid is born or when there are schools who claim that the selection is purely through lottery but we know for sure that only recommendation works, this school is very different. The fact that every single applicant was given a chance to present themselves and had a quality interview speaks about the seriousness of the panel. Obviouosly this is a school which has not commercialised its services and hence not expanding further. I have been hunting for schools for the last 4 years for my son and probably this was the only school where we felt wanted and the reception was so warm. I have no regrets for the simple reason that if I have not managed admission this year then probably someone more deserving has got it this year and I am happy about it. In this rat race and hungamma which surronds primary education The KFI school is certainly one with a difference.


I feel any Indian who has lived outside India in a developed country for a long time can see how Krishnamurti got his ideas if they carefully relate it to the outside world. "the school" follows a lot like these foreign schools for the priviledged. With the large no of population under poverty in India, the school thinks it balances its population by equally choosing children of all background. But to be true, they have to strive to provide education to the entire population. Unless the schooling system changes to reflect equal education for all and not the chosen few, it still makes me wonder is this the inequality that Krishnamurti preached.


i feel KFI is ok. but they have there minus points too. you will never understand there admission proccess. why they take certain kids n why reject others. i have a friend whose kid use to go to KFI but she is not all that happy as they both are doctors and kid is developing interest in carpaintory. he doesnt do anything all day but just into it. so if you have lotssa money and shape your kids future then you hsould go to this school. normal people who want their kids to servive in todays world n have carrier shouldnt be thinking of this school.


When I tell someone that my child is a student at KFI, I get two reactions. One is "Wow. You are lucky to have got in" and the other is "Really? Why? How are you coping with that?". So why the reactions? The school has a rigorous admission process with questions that force you to look deep inside yourself. I spent more time on my son's application to KFI than on the essays in my business school application. The class size is only 25 and there are many applicants for this small class. This is the reason for the first reaction. We like this school because it focuses on the development of critical thinking, promoting reasoning and analysis of any situation rather than cramming of facts. Based on our own experience, we strongly felt that these thinking skills will better equip our child to tackle and make the right decisions in any situation, whether personal or professional. This is what elicits the second reaction, because the school does not have the overwhelming emphasis on academic skills that many parents desire. My son is in UKG and the school has helped him develop at his own pace and lets him explore everything that is interesting to him. The school also has an excellent environment - woods with old, tall trees, birds etc., They promote healthy eating habits and a healthy lunch is provided at the school. My son raves about the food there.




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