San Academy Kamakoti Nagar - Chennai

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$Number of Students
Total: >1000
Per class average: ~35
Classes upto: 10th std
Board: CBSE

$Campus/Classroom Facility
Smartboard: No
Separate chairs/desk: Mix of both
Audio/Video setup in classroom: Yes, projector in all classes
Playground: No. There is a small skating rink and Kids play area. Not enough space to organise morning assembly for the entire school.
Indoor play: Yes. classrooms repurposed for dance and other indoor activities.
Library: Yes. Books collection mostly to cater for lower classes. 
Labs: Yes
AC/fan: ACs in classroom. Operated on need basis. 

Access gates: 3 gates
Personnel Security: Only one at the main gate seasonally.
Access to classroom: open to all/parents during pickup
Access to non-teaching staff: open to both ayyamaas and bus drivers

$Visitor facility
In campus parking: No. available space is mostly used by school buses.
On street parking: Limited

Teacher-to-Student ratio: Good in lower classes (teacher+co-teacher)
Quality/qualified teachers: Mostly sourced locally - returning to work after a break, IT background, non-B.Ed, cross major, contract/visiting teachers, with exception of few who have longer experience as school teacher. Low experience and cross-major teachers for higher classes in a major flash-point.
Average Teacher tenure: Low. high attrition.
Teacher responsibility to student: Limited. homework msg and other activity msgs are prepped by a central team across school branches.

NCERT/self promoted books: Mix of both. self-promoted are not accredited
Delivery quality: Poor to Satisfactory across classes

Fee based (External): Available
Included (Internal): Available
SUPW: No dedicated ART teacher. Yes for craft and computers.
Participation in outside school activities/competitions: Yes. Mostly at schools with similar management.
Student participation opportunity: Best of the lot. Mostly limited to top performing students.

Schools: 4 (Velachery, Pallikaranai, Kamakotinagar, Tambaram)
Experience: Medium. Mostly in operating lower to middle school
For profit: Yes
Operating model: One person. Owner of the school monitors all major operations of the school. 

Entrance test: No
Donation: Yes. High for lower classes
Vacancy: Limited by available building space to accommodate more classes

Comment: Pomp-n-show school, parent friendly and less on academics & quality teachers. High on fees particularly for books/uniform and school bus. Ample opportunity to show-case non-academic talents. Prompt in communication and IT savvy.


Located in a very calm and serene residential locality. Ideal teachers-child ratio. Air-conditioned classrooms. Wide-spread coverage of transport facility. Plethora of extra-curricular activities that include western dance, classical dance, ballet, karate, Silambam, yoga, aerobics.




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