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hi! we moved from bangalore a year and a half back to chennai and nothing seemed familiar except parentree - Thanks to the reviews from here, we tried out ALPS playschool which was in the vicinity. First things first, I loved the fact that the people were so welcoming and had my daughter occupied and taken care of the entire time i was shown around. After trying out a class, i decided that this was going to be it. My daughter has been in this playschool for a year now and we cant believe how much of a difference alps has made to her life and ours because i just love the way they keep parents ( called BEARS) involved and informed. The icing on the cheese cake was the annual day programme held this month at Music academy -this was my angels first performance on stage and it was ethereal. Its amazig how they managed to pull off this fab show with 2-4 yr olds. Even 1 plus yr olds performed with their mothers------am not the kind to write in but definitely wanted to share this experience-Brilliant job alps!


I put my son in Alps when he was a year and a half in their Butterflies program. The teachers were good and the premises are very clean. But I felt they were a bit restrictive when it comes to letting children play. My son had loves to play outdoors and would rush to the ground. But they would allow him there only at the allotted time. Even if he went early (before school started) they would not let him play there. That was a bit frustrating. I mean children at that age, I believe, should be allowed to explore different options. To restrict them to a strict time table was not a good idea. And I wish the Butterflies program allowed for some form of children-to-children interaction. They put us all in a room and each parent had to work with the child. I do that at home all the time and don't have to do the same thing at school. My criteria of putting him in a school was to encourage his social skills and they did nothing to inculcate that. So I wasn't very happy about Alps in these two aspects.


when my son was ready to go to the school i searched a lot for a good school and it ended at alps. I think he was one of the 1st students who joined there.The children can join there from 10 months onwards.I put my son there at 2+yrs.He was extremely happy there.Till now I believe the fluency in which he speaks and the easy manner in which he can make freinds fast is becoz of alps. He graduated from there.I have put my daughter there at 1+yrs. Now she is in LKG there.In all these yrs of association with them they have never given me any opportunity to make any kind of complaints against them.Even after graduating from there almost all the children wants to go back to alps.I think it says a lot about the school. I have done an early education course and now I can understand they have done brilliantly by combining montessori and playway method.All I can say is Bravo Alps, keep up the good work.




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