Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan PSBB Nungambakkam - Chennai

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My niece went to this school for nearly 6 years - and the first few years were okay, but as she grew older we found the standard of the school abyssmal. Teachers were missing for many subjects and were often replaced with newbies who had no idea how to control the class. Class rowdies would beat up the weaker kids and teachers shrugged away their responsibilities. A highly political set up at school prevented parents from complaining. Worse, teachers would use corporal punishment and also humiliate children by asking them to stand on the desk without their clothes on, which quite traumatized the children. An awful school, in summary.


- Teachers don't emphasize discipline - Except K.K.Nagar, campuses are cramped with children - Teacher student ratio is very poor - Donation runs into several lakhs - School runs onreputation of old students from 90s who are well established - Students 'mix' too freely for comfort - 'Weekend culture' of rich kids with cars and money and liberal parents spoils all other kids at the least.




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