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Below are my comments after my kid's 4 years of study. Now, we shifted to different school, due to the fact mentioned in Cons below.

Facilities inside school are comparatively ok.
Teachers are kind enough & somewhat experienced.
Not much pressure on kids.
Hi-Fi with AC, Projector, etc.,

- Poor (Worst) Management, Principal & Teachers get changed every year. In last 3 years, we have seen 4 principal & 3 VP. New teachers every year.
- Teachers are stressed & reflection can be seen on shouting at some kids.
- Very high fees compared to what you get, not so high standard.
- No Cambridge or anything for lower grades. Ok, books are at least acceptable.
- If there is heavy rain, your kid will be free to be at home for a week. Same situation in last 3 years. No development on water drainage system.
- Homework for parents
- Annual day function is Ok, but dress & cost is crap.

Education becomes a business. This school is no exception.

If you have enough money & don't get admission in better school, please choose this. I don't regret my decision for keeping for 4 years, but would like to share my experience.

Better discuss with some parents, before you decide.

Good Luck!


Agreed, but getting children to school on time is our responsibility and schools can't begin at different timings for different students isn't? Even when we went to school we all had classes beginning on time. It's just not case of this school, but any school if you look at, the scenario is same. Reaching a place on time is also an important virtue which needs to be inculcated from childhood. This is my philosophy while raising my kid.


Hi all, My child is studying Grade 2 in Hindustan International School. Punctuality is an important aspect of school life which I always appreciate. Though it sounds to be a bit strict, it is very much needed to cultivate 'early to bed and early rising' habits including the parents.


Well its like any other new school, the behaviour of this school is slowly turning to it true color. It was started a year back with just 40 Students or less may be, this year the total strength have crossed 200 plus plus, including my kid. Any parent would fall for their honey buttered speach and well appointed A/C class rooms (till 6th standard). But certain actions or behaviour are highly disturbing number one comes to the timings, the school starts at 8.30am for every one, inlcuding pre-kg. If any one is delayed by 5 minutes would wait outside as a punishment. (i often wonder how could a kid who is hardly 2.5 yrs can understand this, and was shocked to see a kid who was hardly 3 yrs waiting outside with no parents beside). And this behaviour manipulates in me to think what is actually happening inside the class rooms which the god only knows!!! overall its a good school except this late coming treatment!!!...may be later this year i would rate this school much better.



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