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Hai parents, this is Mrudhula's mom of seed playschool Adyar. My daughter started her play group here last year and she is currently in pre kg now.. Really happy to see her enjoying and looking forward to going to her playschool daily.. I would like to mention and also thank the dedicated teachers for the contributions. They made each of our little ones shine.. To be frank, my kid never opened up before but after joining the playschool within 2 weeks she started to speak fluently and was very friendly with all.. Teachers decide each and every plan especially all the celebrations like pet day, onam, Christmas, Diwali and so on only for the benefits of kids.. Teachers keeps focus on each and every kid. They even encourage the parents to participate every activities and they conduct Father's Day and mother's day.. Seed teachers are very approachable with parents during the monthly assessment.. I am really happy to pen about our seed playschool so that you all people can choose a best school like seed..


We are an happy parent associated with the SEED institution for around 3 years now. By far, it has been a fantastic journey so far and we found a true and capable partners in SEED Staff to guide and bring up our daughter. As educated and forward looking parents, we were well aware of the fact that it is very much our responsibility to cultivate the right spirit and wisdom in the upbringing of our child. When viewed in totality, those are very hard principles to live by. Getting the blessing of an institution that honors and aligns with that perspective in a holistic manner is even harder. We've had our share of mistakes and learning in our choice in this regard (my daughter has been in daycare and playschool ever since she was 6 months old). We were very happy to see that our choice in SEED eventually reaped out its benefits. My child reasons, attempts to answer, is guided by logic and rationality in her approach, is strong conceptually. As a parent of a 5 year old, i am very happy for that and thankful to the SEED Staff :) We still have a long way to go, but with SEED as our partner in this endeavour, we believe that its going to be a fun filled ride with pleasant outcomes. We are continuing with SEED Academy for our next leg of the journey and we are very confident about our choice :)


Dear Parents, My daughter is currently in Thiruvanmiur Seed. She just enjoys going to school. We put her in the school when she was 2 years. She had not started speaking yet. Within 2 weeks she started speaking. She is a very confident and just loves school and her teachers. My experience with seed has been very pleasant and nice. My elder daughter went through a summer camp 5 years back and that's how i came to know about them. They have a structured method of teaching that is fun and long lasting.


My daughter went to Seed Thiruvanmiyur and I am glad to say that both we as parents and our daughter as a student there had a very pleasant experience. I totally disagree with the negative comments given by some of you here on this forum. The coordinator and teachers were always forthcoming to help and there was enough scope for interaction. Their project day and family day were great. Even the akkas as the support staff are called were very caring. Our daughter got so attached to her teacher and loved going to school that she wants to go back to Seed even after she joined a bigger school. Their curriculum is simply superb. Thanks to Seed, our daughter has adapted so well to her new school now.


The teachers in thiruvanmiyur totally forget the fact that you are a parent and you have a right to know about your child's progress. They even forget that they owe better treatment towards the kids themselves. They simply dont understand a child's pscycholgy


Dear Friends , Never try Seed - Adyar for your child pre schooling, i had a bad experience


I agree and my kid used to study at Seed Adyar. Un professional and ruff towards kids.


I had put my toddler kid in SEED, Tiruvanmiyur branch. Teachers in this branch are not very caring/ responsive. They don't have the patience to talk/ answer the questions of concerned parents. The assistants (aayahs) are not properly trained to handle toddler kids.Individual attention is kinda missing, coz of the increasing strength of students in each age group in this school. They do have lots of fun -activities which might attract parents, but they have to improve a lot on teacher-students relationship, teacher-parent interactions as well as the Hygiene factor. I'm totally disappointed and i regret for having admitted my kid here. I have decided to look out for a better school in the coming academic year for my kid.




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