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Deleted content: ======================== Worst admin after my son assesment finished they are not called, while call back many times no response even not pick a call, i dont know


My daughter is studying in Trileaves International school in IGCSE for past 3 years, now she is going to 4th grade ..  am happy with my experience with the school ,my daughter has shown great improvement in academics and communication...just wanted to share my opinion about Trileaves here

Their Strength  .......

1.     They are very strong in academics especially in English,science ,hindi  IT and social , teaching is mainly in a practical way so each kid in the class understand  the concept  well and was able to reproduce to parents clearly.

2.     Most of the teachers are very kind and kids love to go to school because of the friendliness they r showing towards the kids

3.     No parent will get a call from the school regarding a negative complaint about their management will say kids will outgrow their naughtiness and hyperactive characters by themselves  as they go  on to higher  grades when their responsibility increases.

4.     Kids are allowed to express their feelings freely to their teachers and can ask their doubts anytime .

5.     Coordinator shows great concern towards the kids and responds quickly to parents concerns upto her level best


6.     School management  has kept two surprise assessments in the last academic year  for all the students without prior intimation to either teachers or students  or parents to asses the capability of students  in retaining the academic knowledge in their memory...after the assessments revisions had been given wherever they are lacking  in it...


7.     Extraknowledge about certain topics in the books has been taught in science, social and English..which will be definetly useful for the kids when they reach high school


Changes has to happen in...

1.     Indoor and outdoor sports activities to be given little more of importance.

2.     Maths concepts should be taught to the kids in more intresting ways with the support of lab materials.

3.     Moral science should be given extra attention

4.     Uniform for younger girls ..if they opt for pinoform  or skirt type instead of pants it will be comfortable



Completly Agree with Shisha & Swathi's review's.. first 2-3 years school management is good.. now they more of businessminded. 
Frequent changes in Teachers
Tons & Tons of Homework given to Kids
Sometimes they give Classwork also to do at home.
Teachers are so irresponsible & don't know how to handle Kids, they sometimes beat kids. 
They dont respect Parents or the feedback given by parents.
they dont have enough staff to run the school.
Most of the teachers are not trained to teach IGCSE syallabus
they collect fee for field trip & never organise the trip
Parents are not allowed to meet principal, only co-ordinaters run the show.


This is the first time I am writing a review. My son is in UKG in Cambridge stream. He joined last year and we have seen reasonable improvement. Since he often falls sick we chose Cambridge because of the less number of children in the class. Since he started with trileaves I have no other school to compare it with. But my experience with Trileaves has been gratifying. We selected Trileaves after going and checking so many schools in the locality. And we don't regret it and hoping that it will continue to remain the same and doesn't become jus like any other crowded school in the neighborhood.


Worst administration and parent teacher infraction is very poor. Never get clue what is going on at school. There is no proper coaching for kids.

Money minded and Increased fees 50% LAST YEAR, as same as previous year. 

They  committed to provide the AC and they charged 5000 in fees. Later AC was not provided in new block and fees was increased again.

From the security to care taker everyone is very rude. 

Conducting Surprise test is the most funny in all and demotivating the children.

Transportation arrangement is very worst.


Totally disagree with shisha33. My experience with Trileaves has been excellent till date.


Don't join trileaves
1)teachers change very frequently , most of them are college freshers , so doesn't know how to handle kids 
2) too much of syllabus , though they follow igcsc books , they teach and make kids to do more writing in class rooms
3)kids are becoming bookworm
4)the way of teaching is not activity based as they promise in open day.
not worthy for the fees we pay 


My daughter has been studying at Trileaves since 2 yrs. The fee is nominal and the atmosphere is extremely friendly. As a mother of a 6 year old, I feel I am lucky to have found this school. When I went for admission,  they were operating from a smaller block but once they assured me and my husband that they have their own place ( 1 acre +) just opposite, we were relieved. We did not want our only daughter to travel far everyday to school. We admitted her in LKG and now she is in 1st Std. As promised by the school , the ground floor of the new building has been functional since last year and they are continuing the construction of first floor. She just loves the school.  She is growing super confident, talks in English, and does her HWs independently. What more can a mother ask for from a child of this age!  Both of us are working and it is wonderful to see her grow so independent. Many of my friends have also put their kids in the school and all of us have had a wonderful experience. Thanks to Trileaves! 


My son has been studying in Trileaves since June 2013. When he was 2+ we were looking for a school that would give him the right step and platform for Education. I did not want him to induct into an institution where he would be one among the crowd, so we were frantically searching for a school which would be close my house in Madambakkam and give a friendly environment of learning. I wanted him to feel excited to go to school every morning. I excluded big schools like SSN/ ZION/KVs where my friends have in their kid. I would have easily got admission into any of Elite schools, however I considered it otherwise. During my hunt is when I heard through newspaper pamphlet ad of Trileaves. My father went and inquired, he was impressed and then advised me to check. I checked and spoke to Swami Sir and Parmeshwari Madam, I was impressed and immediately decided to get my son admitted. They had this new building and showcased their plan to expand. Being in IT consulting and giving opportunities to new talent is what I trust in, I trusted the Trileaves Management and I did not falter. Trileaves is expanding and my son is growing along. Last one year his personality has changed. He is confident kid with commanding Spoken English (I started to speak when I was in 7th), his GK improved. He can tell Continents/Planets/All states of India/Shapes, all these I credit to his Teachers (Mentors as they call).

I can write lengths and Breadths about the School, not that I have vested interest but I feel I




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