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Hi All,

When i have first approached the school regarding my son's admission to 3rd standard, I was not sure what to expect.I was invited for the orientation session formally through email. I was a little impressed to see that the school utilizes modern technology for its activities and for the benefit of the parents.

In the orientation session,it was clear that the school runs by good principles and that the management is keen to run the school ethically .That was what made me like the school.

Mrs.Lalitha chandrasekharan, the principal is very organized and principled person. She is always keen about all aspects of child's education and over all well being.

The school seeks the enthusiastic participation from parents wherever possible.For instance, I was asked to be the judge of poem recital competition for one of the classes. It felt so good to be a part of the process and I was happy to interact with children.

The annual science exhibition was a good forum for exhibiting various talents of the children starting with lower classes to the grown-ups.It was fun and an occasion of  Joy for all parents.

All activities are promptly informed to parents through SMS and periodical communications on the child's academic progress happen during the open days organized. the teachers feel equally responsible about each child's progress.

Spellbee competitions, painting competitions, literary and sports events, annual day celebrations, science fairs etc bring out the best of the students.

My son got to learn Tamil and picked up English well very soon.

The only thing that would have made me even more happier is teaching of Telugu as well in the school.We are basically from Andhra Pradesh.Hope to see this happening in the near future for the benefit of all telugu speaking families near by.

I get daily SMS on home works , other important communications and even the absence of the child is informed by SMS.

children are encouraged to be on-time to school.

parents inputs are considered and acted upon. the campus is full of trees and a big play ground is there,which reminded me of my childhood school.Fee wise also, this school is very affordable and certainly offers more than what was paid.

Though one may not find  hi-fi infra structure,one is sure to find a very responsible people equally concerned with child's future,just like how parents do.i felt that my son is in safe hands.

I would definitely recommend this to all parents who like being down to earth and want to teach the same to their children.


Hi all, My daughter joined last year in UKG in Ramana Vidyalaya, Sholinganallur. It was a tough decision then to join her in school as the school ambiance was very very simple. However we joined her just because the school is CBSE affiliated (which is our primary interest).
As we see her 1 year, I felt good to share my review.
1. Good teaching staff
2. Encourage students to participate in their interested areas (extra curricular) to boost up their confidence levels.
3. Daily home work and regular updates through mobile phone SMS
4. Competitively low cost education
5. Interest thing is that entry at school. It is so good that will remind our school days. We can see assistants from the school entrance gate to till the class room welcoming our children. It is not the same (possible) with many other school nowadays.

It is a good school over all. This school has good mix of staff and students speaking English, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi


When I had first visited the school in 2012 for my Kid's UKG admission, The first impression was It had a out dated look from outside(still it carries the same), but when inside,  I saw the vast play ground and the mango and other trees, it brought back fond memories of my own school. :-)Once I approached the office and enquired, without much fuss I met their principal and later the correspondent and the way they conducted the interview itself was promising and assuring that I am in the right place where my kid would grow into a good human being with the right value educationThe school is run by the Ramana Trust owned by Mr.Chandrasekaran and headed by Correspondent Lalitha chandrasekaan. Great people are always humble and true to it are the owner and the correspondent. Education and Service are the they are true mission. Mrs.Lalitha was associated with DAV schools for 25 years and she formed this institution and leads and guides as a fine example. Under her able leadership, the teachers are moulded, trained in imparting value education.  I am proud that my kid is studying in this institution and am assured that this school will attain great heightsIn the recent floods that hit Chennai, they did a commendable job of bringing the flood affected kids to the school(when school was not officially opened) and providing them with meals and care. ( I have not seen or heard any school caring for their children like this one)Finally to sum up, If you are looking for a school which will impart quality , moral ,value education with parental care this is the right place.


Hi All,

Want to share few experiences and things happening at RV (Ramana Vidyalaya) school of Shollinganallur.

My kid is studying in this school since 2 years and little worried while moving into this school two years back. Now I can observe that school is improved allot in every aspect of students academics and the way of communication to the parents in recent period.

I am so happy to see my kid's improvement when compare to others in all the areas of academics and external activities.

One can think of this school before moving or joining your kids in any new school. With the consideration of these below good things, I am planning to join my second kid also into this RV from this academic year.

Few good things of this school is,

i) Principal is always available to the parents to discuss on any gaps/improvements

ii) Every communication is through SMS which is easily reachable

iii) Principal is comes with vast experience and from the family of correspondant itself which can be easily implement for any gaps/improvement

iv) The students ratio is very good

v) Teachers attrition is well in control

Thanks Bala.




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