Maharishi Vidya Mandir MVM Polachery - Chennai

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Writing this note because we got admission for our kid. Not to say that we are happy that we got admission, but state the humiliation and turmoil that we went through with the admin staff who treat us like someone coming for alms. Well, as we all know by now, the school has managed to get the reputation and started to squeeze in 180+ (as per the reports on the website) LKG.. What the admin staff will tell you though is that there are no more than 40 students per section (4 sections in total)... Yes, the maths don't add up. Secondly, they find reason to shoot your application down stating some reason or the other and as quoted by some other gentlemen in the forum an elderly person was told that they did not even receive their duly submitted application! Shooing away parents appears to be part of the job profile..So the third part where my kid got selected in the per-kg interview (yes, you read it right, 2.5 year old went through the interview) and the admission procedures has started. As a natural parent way, we wanted to meet the principal as a courtesy to say thanks and wish our kid good luck to be part of the school during the admission and inquired the admin staff about the availability of the principal. She just erupted, saying Principal is a very busy person and cannot meet parents, no one does meet principal post admission and on & on... I mean seriously? We as parents admit kids to school with a lot of hopes, aspirations for the betterment of kids and can't meet the principal?  Wonder what is the real situation where we can actually meet the principal then.. Okay now I realize, we are after all parents. Thanks! 




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