St Vincent's Matriculation Higher Secondary School - Chennai

4 reviews by parents



i am very sorry to say that for the past few years i have seen the school performance going back...i am also an alumini of the same school....but i would confidently say that no good and proper discipline is taught in the school is just like anyother fees scrumbing schools....i happened to see my neighbour's son fluttering and using such bad words and there is no sense in what he says english is....i am very badly upset when i see the bad performance of the once called the best cbse school in chennai....please think well before admitting your kids there ..... regards


I studied in this school, lovely school friendly teachers,love the school, superb teaching , give importance to cultural activies


good school


A very normal school. Don't rush the kids. Has a healthy blend of different groups of kids studying. Easy admission and follow CBSE syllabus. School timings very friendly for the children. Have adopted SMART CLASS educomp's education system.





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