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When I come here in 2020. I can't disagree with most of the parents comments.The school used to get good feedback until 2018 since last year not so good response from the management Pros: Settled primary teachers. Experienced teachers Spoken English is good The online classes were good. Con's: No playground. No parking facility now for buses Management doesn't respond to parents queries. Salary not paid to staffs properly. Higher classes teachers are not permanent and are changing continuously due to these issues. Higher classes students end up enrolling for tuitions Only spoken English and not much for the hype. Agree with all the comments in 2020.


Yes, the school offers very poor teaching. No standard staffs are available. I have wrongly admitted my son in this school. My son studying in 5th grade clearly says that the computer teacher wont even open the course material. Directly she asks the children to write the Question and Answers alone in the class work note book. Without teaching anything the children are forced to complete the exercises. Grammar is never thought in English class. If you are planning to admit your child in this school, ensure that good tuition center is available nearby your house or the parents should be prepared to teach the child A to Z..
They collect hefty fees from the children just to develop their infrastructure. 


Yes, I agree with SamWalton, Very poor in academics and even in sports. Now they constructing additional blocks in the play area, which will result in no play ground. Overall the fees is exorbitant compared to the education they provide.  Donation is also very high all in lakhs for seats. Good that I have escaped from this money minded school. The above said comments is a collective decision of all dissatisfied parents who mistakenly put the kids in this school. Please parents I warn you don't ever put your kids in this school.


Its simple to grumble about this school but, If you want to quantify what SJPS has given to your ward, just compare the confidence level, presentation skills, IQ, dressing sense and never the less the academics of your ward has against the ward studying in other schools.

Yes, any new institution will have teething issue in initial stage and believe me, Dr.Kishore is a visionary and a man who has the capability to bring his plan to reality. Before becoming a parent of this wonderful school, I had an opportunity to know the vision he has on this wonderful school. As many parents mentioned, I was not driven by his marketing skills but the clear plan he has on this institution. Let us make his hands stronger


Not so impressed by this school despite all the initial promises made by their Correspondent. This is a school with a non secular credential and have no focus on academics. They do not understand that a good school needs good facilities, but beyond that the school needs to focus on academic excellence. SJPS unfortunately does not understand this and keep focusing and highlighting how good their building are, how neat the toilets are!! It is a business entity with lot of marketing and most of it is empty promises. Even if we go and meet them and give your feedback, it falls in deaf ears. Their correspondent believes in one way communication only and he keeps blabbering with out understanding the parents' viewpoints and kids' aspirations. Even a one star is not an appropriate rating for this school. God please get us a good all round school in Medavakkam. Even Bharathi Vidhyalaya was far better!! 


Dear Parents,

Pls dont ever think of dropping your kid in this school, The teachers shows such partiality  and if start mentioning the names its countless, no teachers have a good attitude . Dr. Kishore Kumar dream was excellent but the way the teachers behaviour, even if you go  drop your kid in Govt School , can learn good attitudes and behaviour .
I am very shameful to say outside my kids are studying in St Johns.

The teachers are one of the worst behaviour, Specially I can say Hindi Dept teachers one of the worse . by reading the messages in Parentree Mr.Kishore kumar take some action the value of the school may be highlight or else nothing to say more.

Pls dont drop your child for God sake. Jesus save all the students


This school- I am not sure if we can call this a school, instead we can call it as some advertising company making use of parents money and spoiling young ones future. My daughter is a victim of horrible teaching of so called school. They dont teach what ever is expected to do. My daughter joined there in UKG and now in 1st standard and so called school did not even taught the children word formation, ability to read write etc. None of the students who joined in there from pre kg or ukg knows reading or writing even if they are in 1st or 2nd standard. There is no forum to raise these and school is driven like dictatorship. There is no Parent Teachers association(they may be scared to form one) and no other forums. They just want money and they do only show offs and nothing in depth of education. My self and my husband are basically teachers and we are shocked to see such a low grade school . Even government schools provide better coaching than this school in lower classes.  Parents please stay away from this institute and join your young ones to any other good schools in chennai.


st johns buisness institution. stay away please.


My daughter studying lkg in sjps.i'm quiet satisfied with the in the other reviews, SJPS is not like that. sjps makes my daughter feel good,happy and she loves to go to wise,sjps gives her more knowledge,practise,activities,fun,good manners,obediency,etc.At first they have problem in managing but they cameout from that in few all are going good. SJPS new to this area medavakkam,in very short period they provide this much comfort means they can do more in coming years.. kishore kumar sir told about all the inconvenience about school building,transportation,and others , openly to all the hiden things are there...he told that all will finish in next 3years... why all are blaming only the school. parents have to co-operate with the school then only they can provide all the facilities..from the begining they are not canvasing parents to join their kids in SJPS. even when i put my child in the school,there is no building,construction not started but now its a big john's owning many schools ,they know the difficulties inthat...they will do much more better in coming john's parents will support them... cheers.....


As a parent i am quite satisfied with the education there. Ofcourse there is definitely scope for improvement but i do have full faith in them and strongly believe that they will show great progress in the coming years. We all should accept the fact that it is a new school and it will have its own limitation in the first year. And we should give them some time. We all should positively believe it and pray for the school. Afterall it is for the future of our kids.


Yes, we parents know that a new school will start up with few mess up. But the school gave big disappointment. All parents were disappointed on the First day on their Transportation facility, indoor\outdoor playground and no compound wall for school. School should understand that safety is First for all parents. 1. Transportation is a basic service which school should have concentrated and planned for home pick & drop. The school roads is very worst and the whole area near to school is swampy. When it was small rain, twice (different days), I saw parents and kid fell down from bike near to the school. They fell in the swampy area near by the big garbage. Kids school uniform, bag,.. everything was in road. At least, based on safety reason, they should have planned for better transportation. There is no helpdesk for transportation. I am not sure, how the roads will be in peak rainy season. Number of bus facility should be increased with home drops 2. Parents- Teacher contact session was completely not planned completely. 3. No play grounds for pre kg to UKG . Just before 2 days they provided a small area for elder kids . 4. With any request, if parents speak to sweaty (head miss), they get irresponsible negative answer. She doesn’t hear any of parents request and starts speaking in a negative tone. She speaks as if every slave has to listen to her words or else no other option. Hope she has to learn how to speak softly from KG teachers. She doesn’t allow us to contact principal for getting a proper response. 5. School doesn’t have any contact number to contact a teacher\transportation\principal. 6. Students Toilet area is very small. 7. Complaint box for students\parents is missing.


I can not agree more than the earlier reviewer. It is not a school, it is becoming punishment school for the kids (till UKG std). The timing for the kids are 7am to 5:30 pm because of totally mismanaged bus service (I am telling where the distance is hardly 6 KM from school). Mind it prayer time is 9:15 am and school end time is 3:20pm for UKG and 3:00pm for lkg. I know there brand value is quite high so they are also not much more bothered about parents(tied and tired) complain. So think 100 times before going for the admission till UKG.


My feedback is the same as the previous user's review. We felt it was a very big mistake on our end to have admitted our daughter in pre kg in this school. The teacher to student ratio is so poor, no toys or playareas provided..infact the rooms were empty. The kids were locked in these rooms right on the 2nd day without their parents. i could see every kid crying very badly..none of the teachers are really trained in handling the pre kg students. There is no warmth when they deal with such small kids. Any amount of suggestions and inputs given to the management is always responded with a 'we will take care of' response. What Dr.Kishore kumar said in the school's inauguration and what is actually happening is absolutely opposite. The staff just do not have any experience and there is always chaos in the school environment. Nothing is planned well..they should have actually opened the school after a year ...absolutely disappointed with the school ..its a mental torture for the kids as well as parents. Do think twice before you admit your ward in this school


With a lot of expectations and imaginations, we admitted our child in this school. There was a lot of hype around the so called "Brand Name" of "St.Johns". On the first day itself, our hope was hammered. School is still under construction, there is no facility especially for little children to play or relax. They are prisoned in a class room from 8.30am till 4pm. Even if the school is over at 3pm, they have to wait there till 4pm for the school bus to leave. No facility for prekg, lkg, children to sleep during the sleeping period. No indoor games, etc. There is only one teacher for a big strength of 45 students. This is too much. Any teacher cannot handle or concentrate on each of them. Transport facility is a total mess. For reaching school at 9am, students have to catch the bus at 7am itself at the pickup point in velachery. They will reach school at 8am itself. There is no home pickup / home drop. It is a total cruel approach. Management is not considering parents' request at all. None of the parents is happy with this school. Anyone who wants to admit your child in this school, please be careful and think ten times.




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