The Lords International School - Chennai

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Poor treatment for both parents and kids. This school just has international in its name.


even i heard about it that its a good school and had also gone there to have a look at it. but the thing I dint like was they demanded cash payments for new admissions. " Y CASH?" secondly some kids were loitering around the ground floor. when I enquired about this the faculty said those kids had been to toilet hence they were out . but I dint find it as a proper answer because after finishing toilet they should return back to their respective classes. teachers should take care of it. kids should be questioned and strictly administered. Even I saw some roaming bare foot this shows  how strict is the school any ways we'll atleast not expect this from an international school right?. Sorry to say but I was from a convent and we were under such strict regulations that we feel proud to say now that we are from St. Vincent's. It's because my schooling that I feel only academics or extra curricular activities or even superb facilities is not just enough. Parents and the school alumni if U are really concerned then please keenly work out on kids habits, culture, their attitudes and their mentality too so that they'll too feel proud to say that they are from Ur school. I mean "lords". Further there is no surety that the teachers there are experienced or not. and they are not providing any information about their property and how much they are going to expand as its a new school. its as if they have kept their fees structure (depending upon this expansion plan)hidden. As of now the fees is 50000/- p.a for nursery or say prekg but future fees will vary a lot as per their expansion in future.And one more imp matter is the board exam dates..... as it is IGCSE course they may have their exams in the month of may or june which may interrupt the kids engg or medical entrance exams.
Parents hence I request U all before U go for admission in Lords International plz do query about all this or ask them to keep an orientation program to know about the school in detail so that U  can be sure enough that UR kids are in safe hands and bright future.
further as per me the course that they are providing is the best for overall development of a kid provided all other matters hold good.




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