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One of the best school in the locality. My son has improved on his communication skills. They give lots of opportunities for children to perform on stage to overcome stage fear. Their extracurricular activities and simply superb. They kindle out of the box thinking. Appreciate the many events like talent fest, beyond the book, knowledge sharing etc which bring out the best in every student. In academics also they have 100% results . 


Olive Public School is a excellent educational institution where Students can have a wholi stic development. Teachers  are really well trained and highly professionals and teach them with real time teaching methodology. Children love to be Olivians. Starting from morning assembly till evening dispersal, all the task goes smoothly. My son in Grade I enjoys his class and the school atmosphere. Its fully furnished and smart board is there in almost all the classes. Teaching and Non-teaching staffs are so kind and loving towards Children.A big thanks to the management.I wish Olive to grow more and more in future .


This school should be rated as one of the best school in the Locality. Appreciate the management in bringing in highly qualified and experienced teachers. Kindergarten is excellent with all of the Teachers are Anglo Indians, The higher grades are tightly scrutinized for performance, We also love the plethora of opportunities given to  all children to participate in many in house activities. Confident children are their strength. Their official facebook page and google reviews speaks for itself, Thanks to Parentree to share my experiences on this platform about this wonderful school.


After much research I decided to admit both my kids to Olive Public School, though I was not sure about my decision initially I happened to love this School eventually. I'm happy I made the right choice. I absolutely recommend this school to parents looking for a safe, loving and secure environment where kids are nurtured in all aspects as well as academically enriched. The teachers here are simply fantastic, they are kind, loving, and genuinely care about each child. My kids have truly blossomed over the past few months academically and socially. They are eager to go to school and has a wonderful time with their teachers and friends. Also, the teachers make themselves very accessible and are very supportive too. The entire staff is dedicated to guiding each child in discovering and maximizing their abilities. The school offers plenty of activities, competitions, field trips, music, sports and dance programs. Every child is given many opportunities to express their skills and talents. I’m so glad I found this school, if you are looking for an excellent school for your child, do not think twice about enrolling them in Olive Public School.  


My kids are studying in Olive Public school since nursery. I am happy to see their remarkable growth both academically as well as in their personality. All the credit goes to their hard working teachers. Even in this pandemic situation, the dedication and passion of all the teachers to educate students through online classes is really appreciable. Apart from classes, various extracurricular activities are also organised online . And the best thing is that each and every kid is encouraged to participate and showcase their talent. It gives a great boost to their personality and helps in their overall development. Thanks to all the teachers and management for ensuring smooth and effective online learning for my kids. We will definitely recommend this school.


My kid is studying in olive public school from grade 1. Now she is in her grade 5 . 1 thing I would like to mention is every student will be given fair chance to talk and participate in all the activities even during their online classes. So students will get enough exposure and they can overcome stage fright. I will surely recommend this school


Hi all, I am parent of Sreejith and Srishti. My son is studying in this school from Grade 1 and I am very happy with the teaching and teachers. Now he is in grade 5 till now didn't face any issue. Then his sibling, Srishti is same in Olive family from Jr. Kg and she went only one year to school and next two years Online classes because of pandemic. But still I didn't find any difference in teaching in both online and offline. All the teachers are doing a very great job the way they are handling the kids,the assessment being conducted. They are always available whenever we ask doubt personally. Teachers are doing flawless job especially during pandemic I can feel their difficulties. Both my kids are happy so we are.


My Son Preetham is just enjoying his Senior Kindergarten here. Love this school in terms of its excellent teaching methodology they adopt. Not very taxing but yet a lot of activities to keep my son busy. Appreciate their flawless communication system also. Good so far.....absolutely satisfied. 


The school when compared to other schools in the area score pretty much the same. As compared to schools across the city they would rate a bit lower. On a scale of 5 they would be rated just above three. The General student community is good meaning you kid will get decent social exposure. They might lack in teaching higher other thinking skills which is fast going to be a prerequisite for kids to be competitive.  But this is the case in most schools in this area. You will have to resort to some after school math and reading programs to supplement or parents themselves have to supplement to compensate for this lack.


Its one of the best schools. Academics is very good.


I don't think it is a correct version, as I am also a parent of the school and I don't have any regrets putting my daughter there. Usage of electronic boards is no big reason as I see it as only a supplement to the teaching aids used. Moreover there has been no teachers that have left the school. I know it is a new school and they have not done any publicity , but I know that all their lower classes are full . In fact i have experienced that the management is even more courteous and polite than any other schools. They are easily approachable and I don't think there are anyone who have left the school midway for these reasons


Hi My children are studying there and I do not recommend that school becuase: No separate electronic boards for each classroom Poor administration Teachers change every year as they are not able to retain the talented teachers Very poor strength in classes above 3rd std I'm planning to change the school next year and many of the parents have withdrawan admision in mid of the year due to poor coaching.




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