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My Son Preetham is just enjoying his Senior Kindergarten here. Love this school in terms of its excellent teaching methodology they adopt. Not very taxing but yet a lot of activities to keep my son busy. Appreciate their flawless communication system also. Good so far.....absolutely satisfied. 


The school when compared to other schools in the area score pretty much the same. As compared to schools across the city they would rate a bit lower. On a scale of 5 they would be rated just above three. The General student community is good meaning you kid will get decent social exposure. They might lack in teaching higher other thinking skills which is fast going to be a prerequisite for kids to be competitive.  But this is the case in most schools in this area. You will have to resort to some after school math and reading programs to supplement or parents themselves have to supplement to compensate for this lack.


Its one of the best schools. Academics is very good.


This  school still doesn't have CBSE affiliation status. It doesn't have provision status, you can check with CBSE affilication group in Thirumanagalam.


I don't think it is a correct version, as I am also a parent of the school and I don't have any regrets putting my daughter there. Usage of electronic boards is no big reason as I see it as only a supplement to the teaching aids used. Moreover there has been no teachers that have left the school. I know it is a new school and they have not done any publicity , but I know that all their lower classes are full . In fact i have experienced that the management is even more courteous and polite than any other schools. They are easily approachable and I don't think there are anyone who have left the school midway for these reasons


Hi My children are studying there and I do not recommend that school becuase: No separate electronic boards for each classroom Poor administration Teachers change every year as they are not able to retain the talented teachers Very poor strength in classes above 3rd std I'm planning to change the school next year and many of the parents have withdrawan admision in mid of the year due to poor coaching.



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