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Hi All
Anyone looking out for a best playschool for your kid in Chennai City. Its none other than Vijaya Litle champs. We went on a search for a playschool for our kid last year. We almost visited all the schools in and around Vadapalani, K.K.Nagar. We did not like even one school. Most of them were rented house with very less facility for the kids. No place even to play. Finally we came to know about this school which is not very popular as they do not advertise more. The school is very spacious with all greenery around with birds chirping in the centre of the city. It right opposite to Vadapalani Bus terminus and inside the Vijaya Gardens complex & near Nagireddy hall.
The staffs there are very good and specially Sripradha who runs the school. Its more of a Montessori type school. We love the school. If you are looking out for a kid friendly and hygienic place its this school. You can admit you kid in any school but before you do so please visit this school once. They also equip your kid for Pre-Kg/LKG interviews. They have their own Pre-Kg as well if you prefer to continue. 
Note: They do not collect any extra fees in the middle. No uniform fees and no hidden charges :) 
Trust me. Me and my wife were really happy with the school and more than our kid we are going to miss this school.
Thanks soo much for all the staff out there :) Wish you all success in the coming years. Keep up your good work.


I joined my child for Pre-kg in Vijaya Little Champs (VLC) last yr. It is run by Mrs.Sripradha who also teaches there, so there is always a personal care around when it comes to management. They have spacious class room and intake at a time for yr is only 30. Teachers are well trained and very friendly .Along with being up to date on academics, kids are let to have fun. They also have a very open area with lot of trees and greenery around. Its a breath of fresh air around the polluted Vadapalani area. All the important festivals are celebrated with lot of enthusiasm.

Overall its one of the best schools for playschool and  pre-kg in and around Vadapalani.



Hi, I'm Naveesha,I put my 18months old daughter RITSIKA in Vijaya lil champs Playgroup then extended to It is the best thing I did for her. It is a happy place - clean and friendly and interesting. The staff - both the teachers and the helpers - are wonderful and caring. You never see them without a smile. In fact, my daughter is so happy about her school that she wants to go there at all odd times. I am really happy with Vijaya lil champs and I sincerely thank her teachers n staff members for being so kind. It is a place I would happily recommend to anyone.


Im a resident of vadapalani. I was looking out for pre-kg schools in and around my locality. I visited almost all nearby schools and found Vijaya Lil Champs to be the best place to put my child when she was 2.5 yrs old.

The main criteria was that the hygiene factor and the ambience of the school. In such a busy area like vadapalani, it's very hard to find a pleasant green environment with ample indoor and outdoor space for children to have fun. Im 100% sure that your kids can have wonderful fun time and learning experience in Vijaya Lil Champs. The kids area are kept very clean and tidy. 

The person who runs the school Ms Sripradha is so kind and friendly. She is a down to earth person and takes care of the children very well. She runs the school out of her own interest and not money minded at all. Along with other staff members, she completes the portions well on time and keeps up the promise. My child sings rhymes with cute actions everyday. To quote another example, my child can tell A for Apple, B for Ball and so on till Z for Zebra continuously with action in a span of just 2 months time of her admission.

We all were very happy about the way she teaches the children. Not only that the teacher also covers general knowledge for kids of this age like Father of the nation, animal which has long neck, big trunk, colours of Indian flag and so on...

Children's of this age would not like to go to school but kids studying in this Vijaya Lil Champs school loves to go to school daily. The helper there, is also very nice person. Kids have lots of open space and ample indoor space also to vent out their stress and play well. Playing is all which is very important in this age.

The kids were not given any books in the beginning where other schools had lots of practice work books. I was wondering, but her way of teaching is different. She is very patient enough to wait for the kids to get pincer grip and then introduces writing practice. I love the way of teaching in the school and my kid enjoyed her learning experience there.

She is now in LKG and still she remembers her Vijaya Lil Champs school, the teachers there and also share the way she plays with her friends there and says it is her favorite school. I did justice in joining my child in a proper pre school. So now parents the choice is yours.

Wishing you all the best.
Thanks and regards
Ashwitha's mom
2015-'16 batch




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