Chennai Public School CPS Thirumazhisai - Chennai

2 reviews by parents



It is a pleasure to share my experience with CPS. As a parent I want nothing less than the very best for my child and I am happy to share the positive experiences we are having at CPS. First of all, the teachers are very good. They have developed a great rapport with my child and the feedback I get is always accurate and relevant. I also admire the school building and facilities. These are well designed to match the needs of children. The school is a very positive place overall where you can be sure that the child is happy, learning, safe and well cared for.


Here is a notice....the school has increased the fee. They may not have informed you in advance and would take you by surprise in the month of March when the admission to other schools would have got complete. So if are are thinkin to changing the school be quick. The curriculum and teaching methodology is good. The infrastructure is good. The fee becomes a little heavy for more than one kid. I mean for LKG the fee is a bit on the expensive side.





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