Stepping Stones Chetpet - Chennai

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A wonderful school! This is a pucca Montessorie school and very unlike the new ones that have sprung up everywhere. It may not be as colorful as the new chain of schools but the teachers and principal and awesome with the kids and treat them with so much dignity.If you beleive in the Montessorie system and want to bring up your child with lot of love and care and at the same time to be very independent then this is the school to be. They very gently weaned her off me so I had barely a few days of crying to go thru. I have'nt heard a bad review abt this school. They discourage junk food, bribing kids with chocs and train the little ones to keep their things in place. You have a healthy mix of kids from all walks of life - a slice of reality.My daughter and i really like it.




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