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My kid was one of the first joinee in this school. Since its a new school for the first few months things were not in place but later slowly it was settled down. I was impressed with their concept of teaching like science lab, math lab etc.Their theme based teaching is also nice. some of the themes i liked was pirates, different kinds of clothing, anmials, body parts.Should say they did a great job in setting up the rooms according to the theme My kid enjoyed splash pool n ball pool Director of the centre promised us so many things when we joined but 75% of them were "not met". 1. For a new school, they are priced high, much higher than reputed play school 2. Till date theres no security in the school...i guess it takes more than an year to appoint a security.Anyone can just walk into the campus. 3. They got 5 PP photos from us stating 1 for the id card, 1 for the person who is going to pick up the kid n we have to bring the card along failing which child will not be sent along with that person.God only knows what they are doing with those photos.no id cards till date...now the school is also closed 4. No transparency in what they are teaching. we have raised this point so many times... 5.Teachers are not open/free enough to talk during the PTM.Many parents feel Director takes full control of it and dont let teachers to tell their view on the kid. 6. A small area in the center of the path way has been dug inside the school main door.Though i have brought to their notice to cement it as it is full of chipped cement stones and kids tend to fall or get hurt reply i get is they don't get any labor to do this job. 7.School land line was not reachable most of the days. When we try mobile number and the call is not answered, please dont expect a return call cos they get more than 30 missed calls and cant return every call(I got this as a reply)...wonder what they/we need to do in case of emergency. 8.No uniformity in the information sent to parents. On the whole as a parent i was not satisfied with the school...long way for them to improve on so many areas...first thing to learn is to keep up the promise and not to give false commitments.


They didn't arrange the proper transportation which is mandatory for working Mom's.


hey im blossom paul , an NRI from sweden ..I happen to bump into this new school in the neighbourhood called Bumble bee Academy ,after seeing the flukeboard ads....Its jus a really nice one ......very different from the rest of the schools around with .lovely exteriors, cycle track, splash pool,lawn and so on.... managed by a lady with a Masters in early childhood education..very promisin




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