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Hello Everyone. 
It is said that the strength of a seed can only be well-analyzed when it has grown into a tree and BVM Global @perungudi had planted that seed in me 7 years ago. 

Okay, no fancy words, straight talk! I am an ex-student of BVM Global @perungudi and regardless of how people talk about its not-so-good location, I am here to talk about how grateful and proud I am for obtaining my elementary education at this incredible place.

No long story, quick snippets of my learning after I became a student here- It was at this place that I developed my excellent communication skills that now help me to connect to a plethora of people in Canada. I have gained gross motor skills through compulsory sports, won prizes in athletics, and after leaving this school I became a part of my next school's football team. 

I know grades don't define it all but just for facts- I got 10/10 CGPA in Grade 10th, 95% in grade 12th and currently at an average of 97% here in Canada in my academics. I have had scores of perfect 100s in CBSE exams and Canadian courses. 

A lot of my academic skills, I would credit to this beautiful place. It was HERE that I build my foundation, it was HERE that I build the backbone of my learning and through an amazing stress-free environment, it was HERE that I could freely explore concepts and phenomenons. Only if other schools could learn something from this institution about how to generate less stress in education, only then we could have better learning. 

Right now, I am in Canada, pursuing my dream course at my favourite International Institution and in the country, I was aspiring to study and I shall forever remain grateful for all that I have become to this place. Thank you BVM Global @perungudi. 




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