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Where to begin? This is a school which has groomed my son and nurtured him and brought him out of his shell and showed him his identity. He's a happy kid now and I can't thank Nandini, Sindhu and other akkas enough. My son like any other kid started play school at a popular school at 2&1/2. He took time to settle there and soon we realized that the school sent us to multiple places for him to get different kind of therapies including speech, OT, remedial. But they were unhappy with the progress and one fine day in March after 3 years with them they told us he won't be able to move to the next class. It was too late to apply anywhere else as admissions were closed. We were school hunting and looking for a suitable school for him. Some rejected, some didn't have openings and that's when my sister suggested I should look at Temple Tree and that I meet Nandini. If she hadnt pushed us, I don't think even we would have seen our son in this light. One and half years in TT he blossomed. He now was laughing and playing and chatting and was a happy kid who loved socializing. He started overcoming his development issues one by one. Our concerns and worries were addressed and he enjoyed his academic journey. Tremendous improvement in reading, writing, maths. He started showing interest in language and other subjects as well. Humongous efforts by Nandini, Sindhu and ofcourse Sudharshana Akka. He's ready to take on new challenges. I wish I had found this school earlier. Thanks for the nurturing and interest vested on Samarth and wish the entire team of TT great success.


At Temple Tree's Annual Day this year, the principal, Nandini, got up to say a few words before the childrens' performance began. She recalled how on one day, the children were all discussing stars, and the question came up of how the stars stay up in the sky; and one of the children answered 'Gravity'. For a moment, I thought she was going to praise this - but she had a gentle rebuke: "...I wonder if we are not overburdening the minds of our little ones with too much knowledge, at an age when they should be experiencing joy in the people and the world around them." For a parent who would start their child's IIT preparation from pre-school, Temple Tree is not a good option. However, in the last one and a half years that our son has been going to Temple Tree, we have seen him grow mature, reflective, responsible, considerate of other people, respectful of nature. He takes an irrepressible joy in everything that he does. He bursts into song and dance when he feels like it. He has a thousand questions about everything around him. He holds his own interacting with his friends, visitors at home, strangers at the park. He cooks, he paints, he puts away his toys, he plays with his little brother - there is no activity to which he does not bring a boundless sense of enthusiasm and curiosity. Every day he brings a great deal of happiness to his family and our friends, and I certainly would credit the school for a large part of this. I sense this joy and enthusiasm among the teachers, when I go to drop my son off in the mornings and it definitely brightens up my morning as well. Enrolling our son in Temple Tree was one of the best decisions we made and we are looking forward to our younger son joining soon too.


Our daughter, who is nearly 6 now, went to Temple tree for more than two years. Rather than write a review I thought posting our email that we sent the school when we shifted our daughter to The School KFI would convey our feelings better. So here goes. . . "Dear Nandini, It is strange indeed that Temple Tree will not be a part of our daily lives . If my heart feels so heavy I can only imagine how our daughter must be feeling . She spent that last two days at home recuperating alright but consumed by the cards she wanted to make for her school and her akkas. We discovered our daughter at temple tree. We sent you a baby and as I look at her today she is 'practically a lady's as Julie Andrews says in sound of music. Our child discovered the beauty of relationships at the school. I could see how sensitive an environment you have created for the children when she insisted that the akkas who help can read only Tamil and we should write in Tamil. To be honest we are scared for our little one - would she find her coming school years as loving, caring and sensitive as her first few years.? Not just she but we have also found many friends because of the school. What a joyous time it has been and how much we have learnt from you and the school! We wish that you touch many more lives through this wonderful school and please always think of us to join you in any endeavour at school. We will always be grateful to you and temple tree nandini."


My daughter goes to Temple tree. It is one of the best preschools I have seen. Like the nameboard outside the school building, the school is classy, earthy and very grounded. The 'akkas' as the teachers are fondly called are a truly amazing bunch of people. Their genuine love for children and non-judgemental approach to milestones makes the school a wonderful space for a child to grow and thrive. My daughter simple loves school and looks forward to it everyday. We have seen our daughter pick up good habits and a healthy curiosity for life. I always enjoy dropping and picking my daughter up from school because of the 'akkas' who make it a point to address each child personally. They sometimes have such lovely observations about your child that you often wonder how they manage so many children and yet observe so much about each child. And I cannot not mention the yummy food they serve with so much love. My child eats by herself and tries everything new. All the credit for this goes to the school. I hope and pray that they grow from strength to strength and extend the classes till at least fifth. They have set the bar so high that I shudder to think of my child having to leave and go to another.school. It is truly a 'house' of children


My daughter Anooushka was with temple tree for 2 years(LKG & UKG) . Temple Tree teachers are professional, warm and friendly. They have a neat, orderly & well- maintained working spaces for children. Montessori, Waldorf, Jiddu Krishna Murthy sir's principles are followed for imparting holistic education for children here. They let children enjoy learning through Multi- lingual Songs, Stories & Conversatios, Art& Craft , Simple yet interesting Homework assignments, Projects, Nature walks, Community works etc., One of the key attractions for little children here is the warm, hygenic, delicious breakfast & lunch served here. Teacher assistants (Akkas) are good too. My daughter enjoyed learning in Temple Tree.


Our son, Samanyu, joined Temple Tree 2 years ago, when he was 3, and we have seen him transform from a hyperactive, yet introverted child into a bubbly, communicative and social child who enjoys exploring and trying as many new experiences as possible. From being a 3 year old who was practically addicted to cartoons on his iPad, he now engages in a variety of hobbies, all of which involve less technology and more engagement with fellow human beings. We believe the highly personalized attention by the teachers and small group sizes, and the focus on building simple, yet effective habits as rituals makes Temple tree the perfect choice for parents who are looking for their child to enjoy and explore their childhood as much as possible. 


My son Ayushmaan started his school life as a two and a half year old at this lovely school. Each akka(as the kids fondly call them) have taken utmost care in nurturing him and let him take his time to get comfortable with the concept of school, friends, duties etc etc... Though he took almost 6 months to get accustomed to school life he started loving the activities, art and crafts and the yummy variety of food served with love each day. 
We as parents never worried a bit about the little one when he was in school. we were surprised at how he had learnt various skills and many more aspects at the end of a year or so. We should really thank the wonderful set of akkas who have been nurturing many little ones like ours and wish them many more years of great bonding with kids and parents. Even we parents miss the smiling faces of the akkas receiving and sending off the kids day after day. Kudos to their spirit and love...
How I wish they had higher classes so ayush could continue there for many more years!!


My daughter has been going to Temple Tree for 1 year and it has been a very positive and nurturing place for her. Nandini, who runs TT, and every teacher at TT shares the same motive and ideology which is truly unique and that is why we feel things happen effortlessly at TT.

Every activity is designed aesthetically keeping the children as their top priority. I have always strongly felt that they are extremely particular not to give away their objective to the over-demanding needs of the parents! Everything is kept simple and followed most committedly.

The teachers are very much approachable and one can see dedication and extreme passion in everything that is done by them. Every single morning, we can find our children being greeted individually by their names, at the gate, by the teachers with a pleasant smile. No child would be missed in this seemingly simple routine. Similarly, when the children leave the school, each child would be waved bye. These routines are just not routines, but done with so much love and passion! They just ensure that every child is given attention. One can see how intently and patiently the teachers would listen to our kids


My daughter started temple tree in june 2015... As parents when we thought that its time she should join a school v started looking for options...thats when a friend of ours suggested temple tree. We decided to go and hav a look...thats when we met nandini and shakku...we really loved the way they explained what they do in school.thats when we decided that this is the place where our daughter will go. love they way they take care of each and every child cas the things that u notice about your child is what they do too. They have a complete balance of play time, academics, manners, values... Its amazing. And of course she loves her snacks in the school too "Akkas" ( teachers) as they are fondly called are in true sense friends teachers and mentors to the children. My daughter loves her nature walks that they r taken quiet often..and the story time at school... I can go on and on and on about all the good things that we love as patents and as a child she loves about the school... As a parent if you r looking at getting your child into temple tree...then you should definitely do.. Cas we r glad we did. Mrudula


Temple tree is a warm home like environment for kids upto 6 years. It had been the best start to schooling for my daughter. The staff is warm, welcoming and interactive. Learning through play is what makes this place unique. Both teachers (akka as they are fondly called) and parents work together to understand the child, I have immensely appreciated the way each child is given their space which allows them to be themselves
Languages like Tamil and Hindi are picked up by my daughter through songs in circle time which I think is a fun way of learning any language. 
There was never a day when my daughter did not want to go to school and she looks forward to trips with friends to nature walk, zoo and golu visits. Independence Day and other Festive celebrations at school apart from introducing India and its culture brings in immense joy to the young ones.
As a parent i couldn't have asked for more from a school where my child is happy and learning at the same time. 

Temple tree is truly indeed a house of children!!!


It has been a privilege to be associated with Temple Tree for over a year. The school gave a complete balance of academics,vocabulary,discipline,strong value systems and eating habits. The multi age grouping facilitates peer learning and a guided choice of art and activity. The learning materials are scrupulously collected, which generally cater to all the children. My son enjoyed playing in sand particularly. The teachers are very supportive and kind. They are called "akkas" which makes them very close to the children. Special thanks to them to have provided such a warm environment which made my son look forward to go to school.


If we were to summarize our thoughts in one line - "Temple Tree is home to a very Passionate team of staff for whom every child is like their own." Our toddler completes 1yr at Temple Tree and reflecting back, we think we could not have chosen a better place.

This is one pre-school which is not in the business of making money. Surprisingly, you would not see them advertising themselves. That's exactly what makes them different.

Genuine efforts are made towards character building and doing the right thing for the child. We will take a simple example to illustrate this - Kids (2 - 3yrs) are not allowed to wear diapers. This might make things difficult for them however, in a few months time, you would realize how your kids start picking up the right habits. Likewise, they are taught to keep their things back in place after play. We see this translating into similar action back at home. A simple and nutritious snack made in-house is provided. Kids learn to appreciate and eat different types of healthy food by themselves.

There were times when our son was aggressive at school and we truly appreciate the manner in which this feedback was shared with us, without being judgmental about the child.
Whether you admit your kid here or not, we strongly recommend a visit to Temple Tree and meeting the team before making a decision !

Nivedithaa & Karthik


Simply put, Temple Tree rocks!
My son has been at Temple Tree for the past one and half years and will move to a regular school this year. Before we moved him to TT, he attended another kindergarten, where we felt the environment was not suited to him. So we moved him and I was anxious that he should take to the new school as he does not accept change readily.
Kudos to TT for providing him a nuturing and brilliant learning environment. And the change is apparent both in his personality and his learning. I am particularly proud of how teachers at TT have worked to instill a sense of achievement in his own progress and work. It makes me so happy to see my little one beginning to read on his own and enjoy it. 
There is a lot of thought behind designing the learning environment at TT and its evident in how happy the kids are at school. The mixed age group system allows teachers to work with kids at their own pace and also socialises kids to a larger and more diverse peer group. We couldn't have found a better learning environment for our child.


We enrolled our daughter at temple tree when she was about 1.6 years old. She did not have much of a peer group where we lived and she was very diffident with people other than us(parents and grandparents). As things turned out, we were able to continue only for 1 term, and we had to moved out of Chennai.
 In this short period, we found a lot of herself coming out. She began socializing with other kids-they have a mixed age group of 1.5-5 years where the young ones learn from the older kids, the older ones take care of the younger ones. Being the smallest of the group, she was the baby of every kid there. 
We understood the kind of outdoors freak she was, and she enjoyed the nature walks and zoo experiences in the term.She began learning handling cutlery,table manners,and many other order related concepts. There was a general streak of independence and responsibility that we could see in a lot of her actions. Even in this short term, we had 2 individual reviews that told us a lot about her and on where she can go forward.The teachers(Akkas)-we cannot thank them enough! Ms.Nandini also suggested us a school for her in our next city where she is now fitting in well, and we hope she doesn't miss too many of the things we left behind at Templetree!


Temple tree is a one of a kind school which follows montessori philosophy at its best.My son Tarun is going to that school for the past two years and our experience with that school is awesome.They understand and work with every child by listening to the cues of the children and let the children to learn on their own pace which I felt was good.Children were disciplined in a nice way without being punished or given time out.My son had a tough time to settle down in the school environment but with their continuous effort and support he got settled in school very well.They also guided me and gave suggestions to handle him at home.
 Teachers and helpers both are being very nice with children and with parents.They are easily approachable by parents.Even the simple issues we bring out are addressed by teachers.Teachers communication skills are excellent.My son has picked up very good language after going to that school.He sings songs in Hindi,Tamil and English.

Regarding environment it is a nice spacious bright non a/c environment which is ideal for that age group.Apart from the teachers they bring in resources from outside for music,story time etc.They also take children to field trip to places like petting zoo,music institute,golu and nature walk to theosophical society on a regular basis.
Last but not least I should mention about the snack and lunch they provide in the school .They don't encourage parents to send snack or lunch from home .They provide healthy snack(some tiffin kind of) and lunch .Each child get the opportunity to serve  food for all the children and they do prayer before they start to eat.


When myself and my husband were on the look-out for a pre-school we were sure about one thing. We wanted our child to go to school happily. And yes this has been happening for the past 3 months. Thanks to Temple Tree and the team which made this possible.

From the day we went to inquire about the school, to the Tea i had there, their patience in getting us heard and giving us a convincing answer it has been great so far and wish the same for the next terms too. Our kid has been doing extremely well with just 3 months. She has been repeating almost every rhymes or songs that we sing at home, and even solving puzzles on her own. She is becoming independent day-by-day, able to eat on her own most of the times, very particular to put her things back after usage. I remember how she even sets our foot-mats straight if it is not so.  

Also they insist upon healthy food habits to children and mandate that a home-made sweet been distributed to the kids during birthdays instead of cakes and chocolates.

We wish temple tree and their staff our best wishes in expanding this school further and thus create an ambiance where the kids would want to go to school every day.

Swaru & Ramesh


Our twin boys have been going to Temple Tree for more than a year now. The school environment has been wonderful for our children. As parents of twins we struggled in the initial years and we almost thought that it would be impossible to parent the twin boys the way we had successfully parented our older daughter. 
Temple Tree brought out of our twin boys that which we had striven for but had not been successful doing ourselves: a sense of order and independence. These are traits that seem to emerge in a good Montessori school where the enviroment is carefully designed and the teachers have the time to observe and work with small children. Temple Tree has these traits, being a small school with caring teachers, as many of the other reviews on this page have mentioned. 
Nandini and her colleagues have supported us as we faced various struggles and their advice was always helpful and non-judgemental. It has felt like our boys have had an extra set of parents (much kinder and to whom they listen a little more!) 
Over the past year, we have seen our children learn to sing, paint, work with materials, play happily and occasionally eat on their own! If you are looking for a place where childhood is not fast-forwarded or used as a time to cram as much as possible, then you should visit Temple Tree and see the place for yourself. 

Nithya and Arvind.


My son goes to Temple Tree. He has been a student of this school from the time he was 2.5. It is a school that very seriously follows the Montessori Method of education. The student teacher ratio is very conducive to learning. Teachers and management are very approachable and the curriculum is very learning oriented. In an educational world where marks seem to be the only benchmark, this is a refreshingly different school that actually ensures that "education" takes place. Children are very well informed on most topics. They learn at their pace though learning milestones are met. A school that celebrates diversity- every child is comfortable with his/her identity. A definite place to be a part of if you believe in the holistic development of your child!



As parents to a 2.5 year old child we were on the look out for an environment that would let him be himself; a nurturing environment where learning would happen sans rules and without boundaries.

Our first interaction with the facilitators at TempleTree convinced us that this was the place for our son.

Temple Tree recognises the uniqueness of each child. Theme based learning, emphasis on nature walks, art work, library book programme help the children there get a wholistic education. The energy and positivity of the facilitators is highly commendable and the atmosphere of the school is perfect for the child's healthy growth. They have great ideas and are constantly evolving, adding new content and concepts. Their creativity


Our daughter has been going to Temple Tree for one year now and our experience has been very positive. (1) The school ambience and atmosphere is perfect for a pre-schooler. The classroom is large, open, and well ventilated; also no air conditioning, which we like. They also have ample space outdoors and have recently installed nice play equipment which our daughter enjoys. Parents can feel confident that their children are safe and secure. (2) The school provides a conducive environment for learning, allowing the child to learn and develop at his/her own pace. (3)They take personal interest in each and every child, and work for the overall development of the child. The emotional well-being of the child is given utmost importance and they respect the uniqueness of each child. (4) The staff are always approachable and open to feedback. (5) They provide a nutritious snack. (6) They celebrate all festivals in school and also periodically take children out on nature walks. (7) We liked the report format of the school, precise and non judgemental. (8) Children do not have to wear diapers, which was a relief for us. Our daughter loves going to school and has made many friends there. We would recommend Temple Tree for holistic development of the child.


While we were on a lookout for a playschool for my daughter, we simply entered temple tree without having heard any review about it. We liked the school ambience and approach very much in the first visit itself. Our daughter has been in temple tree from July 2012, when she was 20 months old. In a span of five months she has found a place for herself in the school and is quite independent now. she is excited by all the activities in school The best part about this school is that they let the kids to explore and learn. a)When its story time, they let the kids flip through the pages of the book and allow them to interpret it their own way. b)They take them out to nature walks, aquarium, home garden. During Navratri they also went for a "golu" visit. Learning comes naturally which is so beautiful. c)They celebrate all festivals at school and kids carry the festive mood home. They made small ganpathis for vinayak chathurthi, diyas for diwali etc. Reports at the end of each term are so specific and clear. Its helpful for the parents to identify the areas of improvement for the kid. We are really glad that our kid is a part of temple tree family.


My daughter has been going to Temple Tree for 6 months now and it is her home away from home! When you experience Temple Tree, as a parent, you realize a couple of things (a) this is not a commercial or a money-making initiative (b) you feel 100% safe and secure when your child goes to this school (c) you wish you could re-create the TT atmosphere at home for your child (d) the teachers are all professionals and know what they are talking about (e) Whatever else you are doing as a parent, right or wrong , you have picked a GREAT school. The timings are excellent for a pre-schooler (and moms); 9 to 12; a wonderful three hours of learning. The school serves a wholesome snack around 11 which is more like a nutritious meal in itself. Hear the menu and you'll wish they send some food back for you! Children are encouraged to say ‘grace’ before their meal-time, serve each other and are given homely food without processed ingredients or sugar. Little things like the school insisting that we send home-made sweets as opposed to candy on their birthdays impressed me. They encourage outdoor play including the sandpit. So far my daughter has been on several nature walks including a trip to the aquarium and even an organic home terrace. Her school environment has played a large role in encouraging her to eat by herself and stop using diapers. She has learnt a lot of new songs, both in Tamil and English and has celebrated every festival as the school encourages a very secular atmosphere! She is genuinely fond of her teachers and I can see that they genuinely look out for their kids too. The small student teacher ratio ensures that every child gets individualized attention. The feedback and reviews shared with parents are well-observed and presented. They wrote a lovely report on my daughter after her first term, the presentation of which was unique. My mother-in-law who has been in the field of education for 30+ years often comments on what a good choice we have made for our child. From what I have observed, all the children in this school come from well educated but down-to-earth families. Everything the school does has a touch of class! I highly recommend this school and think the world of Nandini and her team. It is no surprise that the school has 100% positive reviews because honestly, I can't really think of anything the folks at Temple Tree do wrong. Honestly, this review has been difficult for me to write because my husband and I are moving abroad soon and our daughter has only one more term in this wonderful school. As excited as I am about moving, I feel very sad at taking her away from her lovely school family. I only pray and hope that when we return, Nandini would have extended her preschool and kindergarten to higher classes and my daughter will go back where she belongs 


I had put my son here very young(2 years) and feel very convinced and secured to have put him here.Naindhnee who runs the school is very approachable ,efficient and caring . I am very happy with this school and I can see great changes in my Son .He is able to eat independently without any mess , and morover he voices his thoughts very clear which I attribute to Temple tree for all the grooming.


While I was searching for school for my 2.5 year old kid, I happen to see the review and fixed an appointment with Nandhini.. In my first meeting with Nandhini, I got a strong feeling that my child will be in safe hands. Very approachable and knowledgable. Temple tree stands apart in multiple aspects 1. They value each child 2. Lowest student-teacher ratio, they dont run the school as a business. 3. Staff quite approachable 4. Lot of care in preparing food for the child, was really amazed when Nandhini said that they use palm sugar to prepare food instead of white sugar. 5. They are not in a hurry to dump things into the child's brain. 5. Seeking feedback from parents frequently on child's behaviour at home. 6. Explaning the philosophy behind their curricullum to parents Our child wants to go to school even when he is sick, that explains the experience he has at school, its more like a second home for him. In short I would say kids having temple tree as their first Preschool will have a great feeling about "school" in future


During my search for a suitable school for my daughter, i happened to visit temple tree and Nandini. There are many reasons why we liked the school and the staffs. 1. a very genuine thought behind the school. when our kids get the opportunity to mingle with such staffs with attitude, it becomes a blessing. 2. they are very Responsible when they accept they will admit a child. 3. they are not in a hurry to accommodate many kids. 4. they talk to the parents to know what is our need. they see if our needs will fit into their methodology. which can never be expected from any big school. 5. the aroma of the food, is the best of my experience when i was in the school. no child will deny to eat with such an offering. 6. gentle service staffs who clean the equipments daily to ensure every child receives it clean each day. 7. they have the methodolgy of montessori and waldorf which i liked. 8. most importantly a safe, spacious, hygenic and pressure free place. 9. its a must for me to mention that Nandini is very approachable, knowledgeable and her experience with KFI is clearly seen. I would definitely recommend temple tree for like minded parents. while education in chennai seems to me business minded, such genuine schools have to be supported. Visalakshi.


Well i was looking for a good pre-school in the neighborhood and Temple Tree for me was an amazing find. Me and and my husband were very impressed when we visited the school. The environment is neat, they provide children with healthy food and snacks, children help each other without any probe from the teacher and most of all limited number of kids so that there's good amount of attention given to each child. We've put our son there and are very happy to see the way he's shaping up.. It's more like a second home to him than a school.


Our daughter goes to Temple Tree. We feel privileged that such a school exists in our city. The first school of a child is so very important - we believe these early years lay the foundation for a child's personality, attitude, confidence.. My wife and myself checked out various schools in the city but we couldn't find a single one which could be a match to the KFI educational system which we so strongly value. Finally we found Temple Tree and we saw it fitted the bill perfectly. The best part is that in the last few months our daughter has developed phenomenally as a person, and we give credit in a large part to Temple Tree for that! Milind Jadhav


My daughter and son go to Temple Tree and my husband and I are convinced that it is the best decision we took. My daughter previously went to Nandini's home school and we were thrilled when she decided to set up a school. What we appreciate about Temple Tree is 1. Its home-school feel with few students. 2. The fresh nutritious food -- soup and sandwich, raagi kanji, khichdi -- that children learn to appreciate and enjoy during snack time. 3. The emphasis on nature trips. 4. The openness to embrace the best practices of various schools of thoughts (Montessori and Steiner) I do wholeheartedly recommend the school to prospective parents. Anu


My daughter goes to temple tree and she is happy there from day one. No hang ups at all. Everyone is very caring there and wish more and more kids benefit by these sort of environments.


As someone who was involved in organizing help with some content for the earlier school run by Nandini, the promoter of Temple Tree Pre-school, I know that this is a vastly different pre-school from any other in Chennai. Most important, the staff members don't think they have figured out solutions for all the issues concerning pre-school education. They are open-minded, curious and learning. Highly recommended.


My child went to Temple Tree's prequel homeschool in the last academic year. My experience was very positive. In my view, a toddler school should necessarily provide the parent with the confidence that (i) the child is safe and secure in the school's hands, (ii) the child's mind / brain is allowed to evolve at the child's own preferred speed, (iii) the child is exposed to a variety of activities, (iv) the child is not couped-up in a small space with several fellow children to deal with, (v) the child is periodically exposed to outdoor / nature activities, (vi) the child gets simple, nutritious food and learns to eat by himself / herself, and (vii) last but not the least, there is goodness in the school's staff. I was lucky to have all of these for my child. As a parent, I am very glad that a regular school with such features is now available to Chennaites. With KFI having closed down its kindergarten, Temple Tree is perhaps the best holistic toddler school option in Chennai. Vaideesh




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