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One of the correct choice we made is selecting this school (Arise 'n' Shine preschool - Periyar Nagar). I really would like to thank the great support of every staff of the school. Caring showed by member of the school to kid was also a major reason for my positive feedback. Kid school time starts with the smile of staff until they return. The first learning skills were developed carefully to kids and feedback were regular. Nannies were also very kind and polite with my kid. It is a pleasure for my kid  and Thank you for the support and keep continuing 



I would like to Thank the staff of Arise and Shine preschool (Periyar Nagar) for making the schooling a good experience for my 3 year old son , returning back to India in the middle of the academic year we chose Arise and Shine (Periyar nagar) to be the best fit for his schooling , to give him a smooth transition of schooling between Denmark and India , I am extremely grateful to the staff for taking good care of my son.The teacher gives individual attention to each and every student and it suits my son well as it is more of "joy / fun at school" amidst teaching the regular syllabus.I am extremely happy with Arise and Shine and I will highly recommend this school to others.


The objective of any pre school is to help children in their "formative" years and prepare them for thier journey to acquire knowledge, skills, values, and above all develop the requisite physical and mental capability. My son Harish has been going to Arise N Shine, Annanagar branch for the last couple of years, and I am humbled to see the developments that have happened in him during this period. Termed medically as a "Hyper Active" kid, he had developmental issues which included socialization with his own group of kids, ability to concentrate on a task, and most importantly his speech development. As parents, we brought this to the attention of the School Management (Ms. Kranti and Mr. Gladson in particular) at the time of admission, and we were welcomed with a smile and an assurance that Harish will be different once he starts to attend their school. And difference they did make. Everyday the teachers of the school (firstly Ms.Gomathi, and during the over the last year Ms. Priya Sunand) would spend valuable time with Harish which went a long way in him shedding his early age syndromes and being the person he is today. A special thanks to the Nannies who took great care and pride in nurturing Harish during the times he spent with them at school. Here is a school which considers not just education as its prime responsibility, but all round development of a child as the real reason for its existence. My hearfelt gratitude for the School Management first for admitting my son and second for their unflinching support to help us get Harish out of the early syndromes.


“To the amazing, wonderful staff at Arise and Shine " , I wanted to write this letter to express my thanks to all of you for the incredible care you’ve taken of my son for the last two years. It seems like it was yesterday that I dropped Tharun off to you for his first day of playschool. I am still surprised at how each and every teacher in your school knew Tharun and whether they were teaching in his class or not. The teaching staffs are wonderful and Mrs. Kothai / Ms.Pavithra does a wonderful job.. Each staff member was always helpful, respectful and pleasant. Arise and Shine is an excellent environment to introduce a child to the school experience and I highly recommend it to anyone considering preschool for their child. - Maj ( Dr) Senthil ( F/o Master Tharun Srinivas )


Undoubtedly, a very good school for tiny tots. The first time when I dropped in with my lil one to enquire, she was very excited because the school looked very colorful and cheerful. It just took few days for her to settle down and then she stared to enjoy every bit of what was taught. Teachers are very understanding and patient. It's so nice to see them come down to the level of your child . After joining this school, I can see a lot of difference in my child and I am sure every one would. A FABULOUS PLACE TO START ONE'S EDUCATION !!




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