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Before writing the review, i would like to give some background, my son studied in Boaz School from IInd to Xth class.

As he was progressing in his classes he had difficulty in learning, coping up to the syllabus, in the process he was being stressed.  The class Teacher, subject Teachers had given special focus on my son helping him in his subjects and in reducing stress levels.

There were regular Parent -Teacher meetings, which really helped us as parents to understand and ensure, we parents spend time with my son in helping & creating interest in him.

The best part is Principal and Correspondent madam are visionary, clear in direction, in focusing on average and below average children. This is awesome unlike most of the schools focus on ranks and bright kids...

Overall i would say Big thank you to the Teachers, non-teaching staff, Principal and correspondent madam and keep-up this positive spirit.


My son and daughter both are studying this last 6 years. This school have complete infrastructure and necessary facility. You have massive play ground in the backside, this is biggest ground in this area. School fees is very very reasonable except for new admission. Extra activities like Yoga, drawing, Dance, karate and sports providing. Bus facility will cover all near by area with one helper along with driver. If you are looking hi-fi style of school this is not suit.


The school is very children friendly..They develop the skills by different activities..the hospitality of the VP's are very pleasant..The principal is very Dynamic lady, pro children.We felt elated and honored  to be a part of the sports day program held at Rajarathinam Stadium, an excellent platform for the student to perform. Higher studies are being coached very well..This school enables a child to explore both curricular and Co -curricular  interests.This school deserves 5 Star...


This school is absolutely the worst! It doesn't actually deserve one star, please please please reconsider admitting your ward into this asylum. The principal and vice principals do not work to educate your children, moreover the school lacks proper infrastructure and decent teachers, many teachers are not qualified enough to teach and work lethargically just for salary. I removed my daughter from this after just 3 months.. Complete waste of money and time, there are many good schools nearby that will value your ward's future. The school does not have basic facilities like playground and canteen.


This is one of the Best Schools in Chennai. The correspondent Ms.Bina Boaz deserves special appreciation for her exemplary contribution in making this school a truly person-making holy institution rather than being a mere Marks-oriented Rat-race ground. She is indeed a true leader who inspires and motivates every person she comes across. Under her leadership every parent can be assured that their child would be groomed to be a treasured asset to the family and society. The Principal Ms.Saira Banu, exudes warmth and care of a mother ensuring that every child gets all round development along with academic excellence. The teachers and Counsellor make every child at home and give utmost care and attention to each child. The children look forward to being at school and learn with joy.

In this era, when most of the schools are charging exorbitant fees to turn children into self-centred machines who focus only on self-gratification through career, money and fame, Boaz Public School stands apart emphasising on turning children into socially responsible citizens who contribute to nation building.

I have travelled across India deeply observing various schools and can say with utmost confidence that Boaz school is one of the finest schools our nation can have. I feel proud that my son studies in Boaz school.

Best wishes for the management and staff of Boaz Public School. God Bless !!


This School was good before 3 years when Arthi Boaz was managing. Now  it is managed by some buffoons who does not know what is a school. 
The teachers they recruited are mostly housewifes with no teaching qualification. Their aim  is to get money in all forms. Teachers have no clue on what and how to teach. 
No parents teacher meetings. Children are not allowed to play even though they have PT periods. ERP / Messaging system is used only to communicate payment of money.
You  may please check with any parents about the quality of education they provide. 18 teachers resigned last year and every year new principal is appointed. Please don't spoil your kids future and waste your money here.


I joined my Daughter for Pre kg in 2014 April , Fees was very high for the First Year which was rs 1,08,000!!!! but my Daughter has been very Eager to go to school and the teacher for pre kg was very good , ive continued and re-enrolled her for LKG and the fees was rs 21000 , Apart from Sanitation , Everything else is good but they have to allow Parents to interact with the teachers on a More frequent basis !!!! they also pile the kids with homework !!!!! 


One of my friend daughter is studying in the school. The feedback I heard is that they give lots of homework. The communication is not good. Also parents needs to spends their time to coach their kid.


Boaz school does not have a school website. They never publish and provide information on what they teach for students. The school does not promote extra-curricular activities for students. Parents are not allowed inside the school. Cleanliness is unsure.


It's a good and friendly school; but needs serious attention on unhygenic, inadequate toilet facilities and degrading staff/teaching quality.


good coaching.... easy approach to all the teaching staffs...




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