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First of all in all the review some parents have mentioned that the vedic pathasala students are from poor background  they are also charged between 25k to 60k. The school and admin is fighting within itself the war of duality in sanskrit it is called dvandva yuddham, The cbse is promoting left wing thoughts and the vedic school is working on right wing thought and no one seems to be knowing of the significance of the both, but the egoism is on very high between them and both are not doing well complains on each other by the way the very concept of the school itself is in question mark.
In hos tel the treatment is very bad not only the students but also the parents are also treated very badly without any respect, the rules they lay for the hostel students do not supported by child physchology and may lead to health hazzard to them.
As far as academic is concerned both in vedic as well as cbse both seems to be affecting each other I made personal enquiry to some of the students who are studying in even from the begining not at all satisfied with the portion covered. I also got really impressed with its modern infrastructure outwardly and admitted my son for vedic and now regretting for the mistake.I am afraid that he may be left blank in both the studies. very soon i will take back my ward, My advice to the management is please do something and make one power center and appoint people who has knowledge and administrative ability and axe out the people who ever is spoiling the whole lot because it is said
"dhurjanah pariharthavyah vidyayalankrthopi san!
manina bushithah sarpah kimasow na bayankarah!!


my kids are studing in this Sri kanchi mahaswami vidhaya madir school. As tejasvi mention this scool is not so good. infrastruture is only available nothing mor. very expensive.poor management. playing with veda students and spoiling regular student future. my advice dont admit your kids in this school.i am trying to shift my kids to another school this year.


School building is good


My kid is in Pre kg. We were not asked for donation. Me and few other parents of my daughter's class are happy about the school. Of course there are some hiccups, like they dont use school diary effectively. Communication is still an issue between teachers and parents. They dont have montessori type education but children are liking the place which is what matters considering the clarity kids have these days. My daughter will not go to a place which is not clean and hygienic. Knowingly or unknowingly she has grown up like that. Her friend who had left the school came back. In short they need some basic polishing which will come only when parents give feedback. They are very open to feedback which we give during PTA.


Dear All, Find the below points about Sri kanchi mahaswami vidya mandir, Rajakilpakkam, chennai. The below are my personal experience. 1. Its a new school, without efficient teachers, english quality is very worst. 2.They have only infrastructure ( only building), no school bus. 3. Money minded - asking 50K for pre kg admissions. 4. They are combining vedic students with outside cbse students, the vedic students are from poor background and they are not having any control always quarelsome. Please note: The environment is like govt. school. 5. The students english fulency is of very low level........not even proper.......butler english. 6. For pre kg they have only charts.....but charging very high. 7. They are showing the infrastructure and making money 8. Last year they politely asked any help for vedic students......but for this year, they are demanding 50K, No money - No Admission. 9. There is no Hi-Fi or High end teaching medium, no play way methods, but the fee is in higher side. 10. Making money because of demand and the principal attitude is very bad, arrogant fellow. In My opinion, dont spoil your kids future by joining here. Instead of going this school by paying donation, better go to some other reputed schools with effiecient teachers and modern education. They are running trust to make big money. They are unnessarily putting scene.


I have admitted my son as Vedic Student. Both Vedic Principal and School Principal are doing their best to bring the students to a good level. I truly appreciate their efforts. Most of the students have come from poor families and hence lack basic cleanliness and discipline. They should be taught to use the toilet and keep it clean. Strict punishments should be given to kids who steal or wilfully damage other's books or possessions. This has become a serious trouble to other good students.


My daughter is studying there for the past one and half year from LKG. It is good, though there are some initial teething problems were there. They are doing good. The infrastructure is very good, calm and pleasant.




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