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I was searching for a good playschool for my son in 2016. Then when I came across this school, we had a long discussion with the principal 'Mrs. Aarthy'. I was quite satisfied and joined my son in play school. Each one in the school right from teachers till the offline care takers all are super, they treat kids in a very great manner. My son's teacher 'Mrs. Barnali' is excellent and other teachers also possess same quality. They observe the kids, always be kind, they change themselves as per kids mood. Awesome. I was extremely happy on my son's progress. The syllabus, curriculum, toys, fun & brain development activities everything are super. He completed his Pre KG and now I have put him for LKG as well in the same school.  Also now the principal has changed and the new principal 'Mrs. Divya' is so kind and humble. she welcomes and hear parents voice with open mind and resolves them. The extra curricular activities they conduct are too creative and kids love to go to school. Fees is also nominal and we can afford so much for a best school like this. They have school car picking kids from various location which is too safe. They also conduct after school activities like sports & dance classes. We can be 100% assured of our kids base build so strong in their lower classes which is the most crucial part of every kid. I will suggest and assure that any kid dropped in this school will surely turn out to be best kid.


Happened to Google to get an info about Enchanting Elves and got into this thread. I am surprised to see couple of negative reviews. My association with the school started from 2001 when my elder son was all of 1 year and 9 months. The principal , teachers are actual role models for any school and the feedback they give about your child only helps you to understand your kid more outside home and groom better. They have great emphasis on grooming the kids with love and affection and show that as the way forward towards making the child a better individual. Infact they counsel the parents on how to handle the child. I was extremely shocked when my elder kid spoke fluent English forming sentences for his LKG admission. All praise only to the principal and teacher of the school.  Now I have my second child there and all I can say is its a home away from home.

For people for talk of not getting refund, its the same whether you are in a playschool or a PG institution. Once you pay your fees you dont get a refund anywhere and its mentioned in the prospectus and admission form which we parents sign. I have never faced any situation of the principal or teachers being unapproachable or not responding.

I will strongly recommend this school to any parent for their kid

Best regards


I would never recommend this school to any parent. I had put my 2yrs daughter in that school for only reason its walkable distance to my home. The principal Aarthi is a self boasting, non stop talking lady and very talented in speaking...she will never allow parents to talk even if your views are right. The school has nothing to offer its just a play school. There is no privacy in that school Aarthi will discuss and pass comments about your kid mentioning name of the child to other parents. School takes next academic year term fees 6 months in advance by threatening parents that kid will not get seat next year from play group to pre-school. If you had paid fee in advance and unexpectedly you cannot continue in that school forget about your hard earned money as there in no refund. If you ask for refund then you will see true principal she first ignores you, then treat you like slave with no respect and finally she will hell at you with harsh and hateful words.


not good school had gone to school, not allowed to see the prekg classroom ,class not cleaned well. ONLY TALKING DONE BY SCHOOL MENTOR.not organised well .teacher not so good


gloomy and dirty classrooms not even swept daily.. Aayas pull the shoulders of the kids to carry them.. only speaking part is done by Aarti Ramkumar which she does no doubt very perfect. Rest everything imperfect.


Among bests as a preschool. Ensures a good start to kids schooling life.


very very good school... good teaching and care




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