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I think scope school does not have a principal at all... When i called the front office for admission in pre kg and wanting to meet the principal, I was told that I will have to pay the fees of Rs.60000 and only then i will be allowed to meet the principal. Does every parent have to pay a fees to meet the principal??? I wonder what other job does the principal of that school have other than meeting the parents. And inspite of my repeated requests to meet the principal I was not allowed to meet her. I was told by the front office that this was their usual procedure. If this is going to be the attitude of the principal I don't think I would want my child to start her school life in such a school. And if something happens to our kids in school I don't think the principal is going to take up the responsibility... This is a truly money minded school...


   I visited Scope recently for the admission of my 2.5 yr old daughter.The lady at the front counter seemed to be very disinterested during her explanation about the admission form and the process.Even though i had gone to the school only after confirming with her before on the phone she denied my wish to show me the school facility.She on the contrary told me to visit their website which will explain everything .I am a working mother and I visited the school with my kid to familiarize her and myself with the environment my kid would be going to but this lady seemed too busy to even talk to the parent. Inspite of all the doubts i and my family had regarding this kind of behavior I called them again(considering my friends' feedback about their curriculum) and told her frankly that i was not very pleased with her lack of attention the previous day and that i am just a concerned parent who wants to know about the school before admitting her child.I told her that to be comfortable with the school i would at the least want to meet the principal.She immediately changed her tone ,was respectful and told me that meeting the pricipal was not possible but she would show me the school tommorrow.She also went on to say that this being a very old school has 200 students and all others mothers are fine leaving their kids so I should also be ok. The next day i visit the school at her given time and she informs me that the admission is FULL for the group my kid has to go!I was shocked!The previous day she told me there were 25 seats and made me buy the form for Rs.200 and the next day its full. If this is the kind of virtue the school staff is projecting I dont even want to think what environment my child is going to be in during her tender years.I was very very disappointed to say the least.


The principal was really good. A lot of friends gave positive feedback. But for a very young child (21 months in my case) I felt the individual attention will be missing. The play area for toddlers was also not so great.This would probably be a good place for 2.5 + though.Very professionally run.




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