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My son is studying in Hlc . Here is what I felt .. They give a rounded education to kids , which includes a Civic sense , social responsibility and most importantly an inclusive mindset.. the teachers are friendly and environment is very child friendly..


My daughter studies in HLC and below are the pros and cons


Teaching methodology
Friendly teachers
More nature friendly
Teach kids to be independent 


Tuition Fees increases 15% every year , transport fees also increases every year. We started with 107000 in LKG.
No CCTV , apart from security guards , no proactive safety measures taken
Not so great infrastructure, compared to other international schools while the fees are par with others
English talking standards are low
Sports only couple of them


I had been to HLC's new campus, it was very isolated area. Nothing is there around the school. DLF construction is going on other than that no other building. if you come little further you can see the PSBB building. If any emergency without your own vehicle you cannot come out of the school.


Both our kids study at HLC. Our search for a good school ended at HLC. The school emphasizes each student's learning and individual attention through a very focused, measurable curriculum. Simplicity and great initiatives want us to be part of the school in every way.


It was not until I was 29, I figured out what I wanted to do in my life. By then, it was too late for me re-invent the wheel. I am sure, as parents, most of us share a similar story. So when we started our school-hunt we looked for schools that would fit into our expectations listed below: 1. Knowledge through self discovery; Concepts by application. 2. Character Development; problem solving, reasoning, social skills, self management & decision making that grooms the child into a confident individual. 3. Teachers becoming mentors who assist in self discovery. 4.Inclusivity; Respect diversity right from an early age. We zeroed-in on 4 schools; Abacus Montessori, KFI - The School, Good Earth, & HLC International. Getting into Abacus or KFI is not very easy to say the least and Good Earth is in the middle of no where. This is where HLC seemed like the perfect fit. While their sound management, compelling foundational philosophy, passionate teaching staff & impressive infrastructure makes them the best choice; bad approach roads is certainly a pain – but temporary I would say Here’s gist of our experience so far: -Makes the child self dependent: My pre-kg daughter insists on managing her bag, water bottle, footwear everyday by herself since she joined school. - Great Exposure & overall development: The kids won the ‘design for change’ contest earlier this month –first among 300,000 other schools. They’ve organized 3 music concerts by renowned artists so far this academic year. -Inclusive Education: Both during their annual exhibition & sports day, special children were given an equal opportunity & whenever they had limitations - teachers & fellow students stood up to support them. - Talent days: Children get opportunity to show case their skills during talent days. - Communication: Every class has a set of parents who act as the teacher’s support team to ensure information is passed quickly to all parents through telephone & sms. Parents are also informed of all school activities through regular emails & facebook updates. - Flexible academics: The school is IGCSE accredited & will soon be a fully registered Cambridge Examination Centre as well. IGCSE system allows kids to take up a combination of subjects from a wide range of choice. One thing is clear, we don’t want our daughter to join the rat race into the IIT's, AIMS's, & IIM's of world. What we wanted from HLC is to help groom her into a confident, independent & clear headed child. Economic Times rated HLC as the best ‘New-age’ school in Chennai on the 2nd of December. Now that’s proof for whatever I’ve stated so far. Finally, on the fees; in as much as education is considered to be a service, it does costs money to offer a good infrastructure for children.


It's been a wonderful experience for my daughter @ HLC. As parents, we are happy to have chosen this school. Every interaction/experience for us with the school is an enlightening one. My daughter just loves this & would not even entertain any discussion on change! HLC is now part of our family & vice-versa. Any parent who is looking to provide learning for their children must surely consider HLC. Everything about this school is unique - environment, teachers, pedagogy & above all the inclusive approach. I can vouch for it.


when we were moving from bangalore to chennai i was at my wits end trying diff schools especially if you are looking for a child centric one, with good teacher student ratio etc etc Then in my course of research I stumbled upon HLC and I can proudly say that I pat myself everyday for the good work i did to locate this school.The kids love the school and now that we are back in bangalore by choice due to weather conditions....the only thing we all miss is the school..... Must try out for all parents who want their children to enjoy school


When I came back from US 5 years back, I almost visited every school in chennai and was not really happy with any of them. When I amost decided to put my fist son in one of the renouned school in chennai because of lack of choice, I heard about Headstart and visited them in thier Kottivakkam premises. The school was all about what I expected for my son. Friendly atmosphere, great student - teacher ratio, practical and application oriented knowledge impartment, learning without pressure but at the same time right level of postive focus on academics,focus on soft skills required such as presentation, communication, stage delivery. I can't expect more from any school. All this in a very homely atmosphere where the childern and the parents feel belonged. Hats off to the teachers and the management who are really dedicated to the cause. Now they are moving to a new location with all necessary infra as well from June 11. This is probably the best school that you can get in Chennai. Rama, Parent of Shashanth and Adhyuth


I was very choosy regarding the school I was going to put my child in. I was looking for friendly teachers, no pressure atmosphere, no exams and tests and home works too. First trip to headstart made me really feel satisfied and happy to put my child in. Akhil is now in UKG, he loves the school and his aunties. They are very friendly and their teaching methodology is so different and unique when compared to others. They do a lot more than what traditional schools do but still there is no pressure of home works or tests. I am happy with akhil's language skills, social skills, understanding of people and a lot more. I would really suggest other parents to have a look at the school and talk to them. The thing that I like the most is the school management's attitude. They are actually amidst of technology, they welcome feedback from parents, they embrace latest techniques in teaching. Iam happy that I found headstart for my loved one. Jaya.


Unusually nice people manage the school, particularly Mr. Naveen. Progressive outlook towards education. IGCSE orientation has a definite merit in absolute terms. Good school to check out for parents who are on the look out for school in OMR.


We are extremly happy about our decision to put our child in HeadStart (HLC) this year. The school has some very experienced leadership in the field of eduction and a lot of effort and planning goes towards academic excellence. The student teacher ratio is very good and attention is paid to every detail. You should talk to head Mrs Sudha or Director Mr Naveen. Extremly friendly and approachable who have managed to keep high standards.




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