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GTAVM  Neelankarai is not a good school, your kid education will sure gets deteriorated after joining this school. The staff are not professional even higher secondary teachers are not good in teaching, sure the school will make your child worsen in their education.  


I was quite satisfied with the school. Very nice and down to earth principal. Had an issue with turnover of teachers...hope they sort that out. Otherwise one of the best on ECR.


Only after joining my kids into another school for geographical reasons from GTAVM  I realised that what had the school given my kids.  My boys were completely happy with curricular and extracurricular activities. They are back again now to enjoy the passionate teaching, endless support and guidance.


There is no professionalism and time management.The front office staff is rude.From the principal's perspective she believes taking science group is a wastage of ten years and she also discourages the students who want to take up science group inspite of getting good marks in the entrance exam.She is forcing the student to take commerce group whereas the student is interested take up science group.A very pathetic experience in GT Aloha Vidya Mandir School in Neelankarai


ya i will accept sethushyamala review.  nowadays its seems not good. Students may studies or not but they know Law. Known Knows


I was new to town and after a long hesitation joined my kid here. I would say it is one of the decent schools in the locality with a great infrastructure and teaching methodologies. The school has the best teachers and conducts a lot of activities and my kid feels it interesting. There are few improvements that can be done. but a good school overall. Hope my kid comes out in flying colours. 


Lovely school with best faculties. My daughter studies here and I feel the education that she receives is great. Yea the education is tough but to compete in this competitive world, such tough syllabus is required.

The best thing about school is the extra curricular activities. I am very much happy that my kid is both good in studies and etc.


Good School. My daughter was very shy and never participated in any activities, now she participates in all the activities and has won several competitions here. She is a bright kid and teachers are very friendly. Thank you GTA. 


Good School but fees is littler higher. But I guess it is the same with all the schools. If not in city and around neelankarai then go for this school. Good school with good infrastructure and overall development. 


From the reviews I understand the school was very badly rated and over hyped in the beginning. But now, if you seriously ask me, the school has improved way too drastically. My kid is in the 2nd grade and he is having the best of educational time. Yea, the school needs a little more improvement but overall i feel it is one of the best school in the locality. May be moving closer to city, there would be better school with better ratings and facilities but as I am put up at this place, i feel this school is pretty decent. 
Education- Good professional faculties - 5/5 
Infrastructure- 4/5
Events - 5/5
Sports -5/5
Extra curricular activities and general awarness - 5/5


Recently shifted to India last year and was wondering where to join my kids. I came across this school online and was little skeptical initially. Then spoke to few of the parents and joined my kids in this school. One more reason was admission was almost over in all the school and GT had their admission still on. First few months I was cribbing to have joint my kids there but as days went by found that it is one of the right decisions in terms of my kids education. Everything is awesome at this school from education to extra curricular activities. The best is equal importance is given to both academics and other events to groom the kid as a whole. Both my kids are studying here. 


My Kid was studying at Roots international initially. My wife and I felt that our kid did not even receive basic knowledge on Rhymes or anything. She was very shy to even say a hi and ask How are you to people. After several research through my friends group and social media I choose this school. I want to give the best education to my daughter as she is the only daughter. My kid now studies at 3rd std and I am seeing a different Aashi( My daughter's name) My kid is so excited to go to school especially during celebrations. They have these red day, yellow and stuff where my kid is asked to dress up in those color dress. Education also, I am very happy. She in fact writes stories(cute ones) :) Happy with this school.  


Last annual day they had a big AV about the new school they propose to build with the SO CALLED STATE OF THE ART facilities like the one in Neelankarai now. The neelankarai branch is a total flop. Another gimmick was that TABLETS to replace text books. This year every subject has an assignment book, classwork , text book , test note book , some subjects also has a workbook etc etc. With all this the load of the bags have only increased. The kids are asked to bring all the books on all days. Can't the teachers plan ahead and inform the kids accordingly. 


I have my kids studying in GTAVM past 2yrs now.The school stands by its tagline, SCHOOL BEYOND EDUCTION.I am amazed by the growth and development of the school in every angle.My kid enjoys school and the extra care and concern the teachers take in terms of studies and activities.Satisfied to see the school having ROBOTICS,ANIMATION,FINANCIAL EDUCATION ,LIFE SKILLS and many more which help my child become an all rounder.The online report system has made it easy for parents.Hoping for the best year after year.


GT Aloha Vidhya Mandir is pathetic school we have ever experienced ....inexperience administrative staff & teachers is on of the big concerns incld there management ,more over they are not ready to correct themselves ..... 1. Note able complete syllabus in time due unnecessary holidays 2. Books & uniforms are provided in instalments , some of them never provided despite of all payments made well in advance 3. No control over transportation 4. What ever facility showcased are useless & does can out use when its required list is never ending , I have wasted my kids precious time in this school This school deserve ZERO points


ver bad experience from the school intial i thought they are doing wonderful but after good teachers started resigining the quality of education has become the worse.parents think before you take any decision about this school .out of 10 this school deserves 1


it is one of the worst school in terms of academics .no playground and the last minute rush to finish the portions make the students and the teacher stressed. change the principal the school will do better i think so but who are planning to put their kids in this school will regret in the very next year


My son, who was not performing well in one of the reputed schools in Chennai, was shifted to this school. His performance has improved very much and he is participating in many extra curricular activities at the school. The child is getting individual attention as the number of students in the class is limited to 35. They use Educomp as one of the teaching aids. I feel I have taken a good decision in shifting my child to GT Aloha.


Very bad as of now. They are just one year old and need to mature a lot. Too much of home works. They rush for portions. Kids do not register anything in their mind. Parent undergo lot of pressure to coach the children, as the contribution from the school is very low. i would not recommend it to anyone.




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