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iam the most disappointed parent who spoiled my child's childhood by admitting in sboa school and junior college.
the school lags the following after all the difficulty in gaining admission in the school in form of huge donation and recommendation:
1. worst quality of teachers
2. no extracurricular, sports or individual growth possible for children
3. partiality in every form is visible completely in all levels in the school
4. my children look clumsy in front of my eyes in terms of their behaviour, language and the way they carry themselves.
5. No body takes accountability for anything right from watchman to the principal.
So, mothers please dont ruin your children's future by admitting your children in this school just because you have money. Because that is the costliest mistake i made in my life. CHILDHOOD AND MOTHERHOOD NEVER COMES BACK. MAKE RIGHT DECISIONS.


i had no other go than putting my kid in SBIOA since i got application only from that school.. I had to deliver a baby at that time so i couldnt get application from other schools.... After so many process they have asked for 70000/- as donation and fees for first term is 21000/- apart from this i have to get him the uniforms stitched.. altogether i am spending nearly 1 lakh for LKG admission... way too much


SBOA is an excellently administered School where Children are exposed to all opportunities. School is silently returning impressive results over the last 25 years and is having better atmosphere compared to many high end costly schools in Chennai. If your child is having special talent in Sports / Cultural, then SBOA is the Right Choice. Even though 60 students are there in each class, it is justified that such a good infrastructure is to be shared by all unlike our IIMs and IITS which can host many students but allow only a fraction inside their campuses.


A very big school with curriculum strictly as per CBSE .Tamil or hindi can be taken as 2nd lang.French.tamil hindi from 6th onwards.teaching is in a organised manner with no exams for LKG &UKG,and EVS starts from 3rd standard only.Main drawback is 60+ students in each class.Very good infrastructure &sports facilities.excellant result in public exams.




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