PSBB Millennium School OMR Branch - Chennai

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Contacted this school, to know whether admissions are going on for Pre-KG, a month ago. It was horribly handled by helpdesk. I suppose the call was directed to security, because the way he spoke was horrible.


My Son is studying in PRE KG - in OMR branc Today (28th Jan 2012) - Sports day - - They arranged in St Joseph College, The program was completely unorganized. [ one side sports is going on, on the same track - photo shot is going on] kids are dashing each other, and made to re run. - Horrible/confusing communication sent to the parents. 1. a circular sent with diary - about the venue, but no pick detail . 2. The van ayya said to the parent no transport and parents have to pick the kids @ school 3. The class teacher didn't communicate to us pick the kids, suddenly My nieghbour got a call from his teacher to pick the students.




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