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If you want your kid to learn in natural way without dumbing the facts and to excel in language and maths go for Tatava. My kid started with IMPS prekg but she suffered and studied LKG and UKG in tatva, I can see many positive difference in her. She didnt memorise the spelling yet she can read story books. they teach maths in easy way. Teachers are adored by kids. Good management and teachers.


My son has been studying in tatva for the past one year. We are more than happy with the school. Tatva has a holistic approach to schooling.They put in lot of effort into shaping the curriculum in such a way that the child is an active participant in the entire process of learning.They help in the overall development of the child - physically, emotionally and spiritually. Parent workshop is held every month in which the teacher discusses the entire monthly plan with the parent.The entire plan is very transparent with the parent which shows the confidence they have in the curriculum. They have  different activities like - free play, sand pit, water play, subjects (English, maths , hindi, logic etc), Rhymes etc. Each child in a class is given individual attention here.The teacher knows in and out about the child's strength and weakness and gives suggestion on how to improve the child in a specific area. The whole environment is very positive for the child's development . My son enjoys every day in Tatva.


My son goes to Tatva. I am really happy with the school. The teachers are well trained and their command over language is good - the teachers speak to the kids in their own mother tongue to make them feel at home. The teachers are very friendly and nice with the kids. Tatva has already completed a Water day activity at school and they have done an outdoor activity to Guindy children's park and the third activity is scheduled this month. They have a well thought out curriculum split into themes. Since we are getting closer to independence day the theme is about india freedom and about national leaders. They involve the parents also. We have a parents workshop on 2nd and 4th saturday and they let us know what they will be covering in the next 2 weeks, stories, rhymes, they also give us home activities to do with the kids. They include parents in the learning session - the school encourages us to enforce the concepts or activities that are taught at school. This school started recently and this is their first year. But what I really liked is they were ready to receive the kids on day 1 and on day 2 parents were asked to go home and they managed all of them on their own. You can ping me if you need more info. Geetha




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