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hi I share your views that some people like to malign a good name such people have been usually deprived of the same. For a one year old school I think Golden Palm Army School-Chennai, has done remarkably well and established itself firmly with its ever growing ratings . Remember a good school is known not by its bulding but by its teachers . In my interaction with my elder son's subject teachers I found them very compassionate about their subject and students. Every school has its share of disgruntled parent and non performing students,Im sure in time they'll come around. from: an optimistic father of two Goldenian.


Hi, I admitted my children in this school and i am a civilian. The school is a new organisation started only this year with classes upto 7th std., next year it might be increased upto 10th std. The infra structure is huge but being in its initial stages there are not many favourable aspects to be stated about the school. It is suited best for students who start from Ist std since hindi is compulsory language and the school starts as early as 7.30 a.m. and works all saturdays except second saturday. most of the teachers are hindi speaking and do not understand our culture and tradition and education system. Chilren of the army staff mostly north indians have an air about them of being in their exclusive school. our children will have to learn to cope up with them. some are from very rural background. The saving face of the school is the Principal who is very sincere and respectable person striving hard to shape up the school. For, all civilian parents intending to put their wards in this school may, kindly deliberate before taking a decision. rgds mayura




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