Bhavans Rajaji Vidyashram - Chennai

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Wonderful School..this years CBSE School topper was from there..And whenever you open the papers,Bhavan's is in the news


I feel the school serves the purpose. Regarding being rude, arogant, rough etc etc doesn't really represent what they are, can be and will be for the kids & their future. i thing: " one one who troubles u may not be ur enemy, one who takes u out of trouble may not b ur friend. Bhavan's students are quality products by the school having positive energy, manners, are courtious & last but not the least scholars.




I think its a fantastic school and one worth waiting for..Great academic staff and perfect for all round development,and the principal has been awarded the Best Teacher by the Govt. of India..dont know why such negativity against him..Donation is 30 K which is similar to most other school,fess may be comparatively higher to the other schools,but you pay for what you get and what you get at Bhavan's Rajaji is quality all round education to make ur child an allrounder


I guess the Pricipal is Arrogant breed of human. Not even showing courtesy for speaking politely to the people coming to him asking for any admission queries. The front office lady speaks like she herself own the Bhavans school. It is a unique experience for me which I had never come across and I guess people should teach him and his school mates a lesson. No doubt that schoolwise it is still excellent, but people like him spoils the momentum. Yes I agree these school runs with huge donations and recommendations close to them and they dont have a proper selection filter mechanism process.


This school takes huge donations to the tune of lakhs. Admission is like as though they are IIT's. People should boycott this school.




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