Abhyaas Play School - Chennai

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The day care in Abhyaas is pathetic. No amenities for kids to play. They all seem to be cramped in a single room. Fee is not transparent. The fee is Inclusive of snacks but of very poor quality. The staffs are not trained to handle kids and they tend to be very rude and at times hit the kids.
Proper Monitoring is completely absent. Its not organized day care and will not suit working women.


It is an excellent play school, my daughter is been going there for the past 5 months. It is a homely atmosphere for the kids. They give lots of individual attention. Grandma stories are told, lots of nice tamil songs are taught.They teach good discipline and manners for the little ones. The teachers are very friendly and nice. For all this the fees is very nominal compared to other schools. It comes to around Rs.18,000/- for a year.


Excellent playschool. Children are taught with care and patience. My toddler has learnt a lot in the 2 years with them. The teachers pay individual attention to students and keep the parents in loop too. Overall I am very satisfied.




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